Rockstar Games Presents the Grand Theft Audio V Mixtape

If you've already begun to wear out the music provided on Grand Theft Auto V, lucky for you, Rockstar Games and Good Music All Day have joined forces to present the Grand Theft Audio V mixtape. The compilation boasts 26 hip-hop entries, showcasing featured artists such as Action Bronson, Tyga, Jadakiss, Prodigy, D-WHY and many more. So to add a new soundtrack to your gaming experience, simply see below and enjoy Grand Theft Audio V.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Hip hop / September 20, 2013 / 5804 Views
  • Heinz

    Que lixo.

  • afv

    Need Flylo FM mixtape

  • pittalo

    Does not look legit at all

  • wow

    You guys dumb? This aint presented by Rockstar games. The logo has an upside down marijuana leaf instead of a star. Come on now. This is bootlegged.

  • Real Dude

    these niggas are garbage for the most part tho except prodigy and bronson..

  • idiots

    "presented by rockstar games"- labeled GoodmusicAllDay Sounds literally everywhere. How dumb do you think we are

  • thetrilltroll

    c'mon hypetrak this shit ain't real b, y'all niggas advertising that bootleg shit!