Pharrell Grabs Coffee with deadmau5 in His Ferrari 458

Pharrell got invited by deadmau5 to join him in his Ferrari 458 for an episode of Coffee Run!, the YouTube series where the famed DJ-producer rides and shines with fellow musicians for about half an hour and talks about all things that matter in this world -- such as electric cars to future chewing gum flavors. There has been some rumors ongoing that deadmau5 has been busy crafting a new LP, so check out the video above and enjoy the 35-minute ride.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Interviews / September 22, 2013 / 7770 Views
  • DMC

    I feel like this is some spy cam shit, like we shouldn't be watching this.

  • shieeet

    so fucking akward

  • Forrealnopunintended

    Pharell truly doesn't care about most of this he would much rather talk music or art but pharell is so laid back and cool he just tries to make the best out of any situation

  • produce

    deadmaus took one too many mollies during his life

  • KeepYourMouseHeadOn

    So painfully awkward I could only watch ten mins

  • That Nigga

    Didn't Sienfeld already do this ?

  • nollander

    dm needs to shut the fuck up... this was super awkward

  • ebomb

    Toronto stand up!

  • JustinValdes

    it was akward at first but it got comfortable by the time they got the coffee

  • joel

    Would you rather hang with DEADMAU5 of PHARELL?

  • joel

    Deadmau5 for me

  • igloo

    This is so painful to watch. Pharrell is like, get me the hell out of here. He got the bagel just so he didn't have to talk while he was eating.

  • YungDoobie

    Pharell, fer sure.

  • fenga papit


  • slave

    lmao why is he using credit,

  • Salty Chad Hugo

    Pharrell freeze face from 3:12 when he realize he stuck in this car