Miley Cyrus Gets Photographed by Terry Richardson, Again

Miley Cyrus and Terry Richardson can't seem to get enough of one another these days. After earlier today bringing you the new video from the ever-popular pop act, directed by Richardson, now we showcase yet another series of photos of Miley, of course captured by the famed photog. This time around, we note the actor/singer stripped down in white, mixing in a variety of sensual and expectantly goofy looks. Terry himself gets in front of the camera for a few pictures as well, as you can scan through the imagery above to see the latest photoshoot.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Photography / September 9, 2013 / 39660 Views
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  • nutmeg

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  • Big Pun

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  • still_ill

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  • realtalk

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  • miiiikey

    no curves.

  • Dolan

    She prob be hotter with longer hair.

  • Jaimie Fry

    For real though, I don't even find her that attractive

  • HB

    This chick is one dimensional