Miley Cyrus – Bangerz (Tracklist)

Don't act like you don't care. After unveiling her daring new video for "Wrecking Ball" and rapping on Mike Will Made It’s “23″ yesterday, Miley Cyrus is putting the growing buzz to good use and unveils the official tracklist for her upcoming new album Bangerz. As you can see below, the 13-track standard edition boasts a duet with Britney Spears on a semi-titled track “SMS (Bangerz)” while Big Sean makes an appearance on “Love, Money, Party.” Hip-hop's king of hooks, Future, steps in and contributes on “My Darlin’.” More feature spots go to French Montana on “FU,” and Nelly on “4×4.” Production work comes courtesy of Mike Will Made It, Pharrell, Da Internz and more.

Miley Cyrus – Bangerz (Tracklist)

1. Adore You
2. We Can’t Stop
3. SMS (Bangerz) (Feat. Britney Spears)
4. 4×4 (Feat. Nelly)
5. My Darlin’ (Feat. Future)
6. Wrecking Ball
7. Love, Money, Party (feat. Big Sean)
8. Get it Right
9. Drive
10. FU (Feat. French Montana)
11. Do My Thang
12. Maybe You’re Right
13. Someone Else

By: Staff / News / September 10, 2013 / 6431 Views
  • mr.krillin

    track10, least we know whos supplying the crack

  • Valentine416

    I bet Nelly was fucking SHOCKED when someone called him for a feature

  • Nate Dillard

    I need Hypetrak to STOP posting about Miley Cyrus, or i'm gonna have to go find a new music Forum....if i wanna hear about the new Hannah Montana song i'll go to the Disney Channel website instead....thanx.

  • SpaceGhostPurrp

    please get this bitch the fuck off my favorite website

  • Heinz

    Where's the Tyler feature? Or he only handled production?

  • CharleyGFX

    I'm pretty sure Disney does not want anything to do with her right now..

    and anything that has Pharrell in it, has to be on this site...

  • MikeyBrock

    I think Pharrell is in more of Miley then just her song..

  • meninethree

    no ones gonna buy your shitty ass album miley

  • Dolan

    Miley dating Gucci Mane? BRR BRRR

  • Stacy Welch

    Funny everyone hating on her, and although I don't always agree with her choices her album went to #1. Why? Because threads like this all over the web. Like her or not the girl isn't stupid. She went out and " twerked" on the VMA's and look where it got her a #1 on the Billboard charts. These are facts from sales and downloads. You can hate her or love her but she is far from her Hannah Montana days.