Kanye West Talks Yeezus, Fashion and More with Zane Lowe

As we previously mentioned, Kanye West recently sat down with Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1 for a four-part interview series. Today we get the first installment of the conversation; the two kick things off by discussing Kanye's latest album Yeezus, and specifically dive into what measures Kanye took to make listeners feel uncomfortable while playing the album and why. Watch the clip above and let us know what you think in the comment section. Part Two is due out tomorrow.

By: Eric Montanez / Interviews / September 23, 2013 / 6140 Views
  • Finally

    KANYE PUT HYPEBEAST commenters ON BLAST !!!!!

  • Boobz

    Thats because the hypebeast comment section is made of pure hate. On another note, I love the connection Kanye made between rock'n roll and rap, its like the rock vs rockabilly leading to the creation of rock'n roll all over again! Every time I come across a video of Kanye goes off, justifiably so, I'm moved and hope that I can meet him one day.

  • fahad

    fuck! i always get goose bumped when this nigga speaks!

  • Jesus Wept

    Pause. Unpause. Pause again.. infact, Pause fo a lil while, you sound like you need some air

  • Zane Lowe

    hmm hmm

  • George Skylark

    Poor Zane was shitting himself at the end of this interview, but I understand what Kanye had to spit out. Hope in next part, they will be talking more about the album. :)

  • Robby

    Great Interview. I can relate to Kanye West on the limits society put on themselves. When your surrounded by people who only think 1 dimensional and can't open their minds to new possibilities it's depressing. What i got from this interview is Kanye is trying to be the new pioneer of creativity whether it be music, fashion, or just designing in general and because he so passionate about doing so, people misinterpret it for being pretentious, egotistical, etc. Can't wait to see the rest of this.

  • Guest

    Zane Lowe has a big herpe

  • Jimmy

    Love him or hate him, you can't question the man's passion.

  • VEGA

    ye's the homogenizing "product" of the 21st century. he feeds the masses with all these artists, musicians, products, ideas, designs that the general public aren't able to fully appreciate or understand. he's destroying high culture from the inside out. stop educating the masses ye.. your following is too big. exclude and filter. we don't need people looking for mies van der rohe replicas at ikea. we don't need another bon iver fan that knows all the lyrics to kelly clarkson's "since you've been gone". we don't need any more givenchy haters acting like they used to fuck with the brand two or three years ago and we certainly don't need any more daft punk groupies

  • UglyFrank

    In 2013 I can still call someone a hipster

  • Drake


  • VEGA

    Kanye West – “New Slaves” featuring Charlie Wilson & “Blood On The Leaves” (Live on ‘Later… with Jools Holland’)
    UglyFrank • 2 days ago
    I feel like he should sing without the autotune like at coachella

  • UglyFrank

    It would sound alot better without the autotune

  • JustinValdes

    Kanye West

  • wow

    I would be richer than Jay Z if I had even a penny every time this exact comment was written about Kanye on the internet.

  • VEGA

    i agree.. it would. but how was coachella?

  • UglyFrank

    it was great actually, i travelled from England to see it but it was beautiful trip and me and the whole gang went.

  • Jacob.


  • Guest

    Love how much passion he puts into everything, no matter what it is, even if it's just an interview with Zane. He Is God..

  • JB

    Just love how much passion he puts into everything, no matter what it is, crazy powerful being

  • Enzo


  • Jeremy

    Absolute genius... "How many mother fuckers you don' seen with a leather jogging paint?" Most creative artist of my generation.. Every time he speaks I'm inspired.. Hypebeast haters sit down.. you're logging on to find swag it's not within you...

  • stop

    stop bruh come on... save the Kanye dickriding for another blog. We all know Kanye's one of the best of his time. We don't need another cliche comment about how Kanye is so innovative and inspirational. We know that. People need to stop stating the obvious.

  • Devinking

    Yea but don't you feel like he'll be an asshole to you in real life? Yeezy my favorite artist but i'm hesitant to meet him in person

  • http://www.seanhowell.ca/ Sean

    It is obvious that Kanye is trying way too hard to talk with proper enunciation. Makes him seem like a wanna be intellectual.

  • Dosh Tasti

    Yeezus speaks !

  • http://www.seanhowell.ca/ Sean

    Yeezus was given a lot of rope and he used it well.

  • Pacelli

    the fact that they play Kanye West music in a bar in Mexico, gives you an idea of the level and reach his music has got.

  • http://www.seanhowell.ca/ Sean

    Kanye must have a lot of yes men around him because at least one person must be able to tell him to think again about his ideas.

  • http://www.seanhowell.ca/ Sean
  • romey rome


  • Gdaddy21

    That Grammar School Kanye talk

  • Anton

    yeezus just rose again



  • fahad

    forgive me Jesus for i have practiced sodomy

  • sophronia856

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  • VladoHadnadj

    hedi slimane!!!!!

  • ♥ zachary ♥

    so glad i've only made positive comments about kanye now knowing that he probably read it.. who doesn't respect this guy? he made a good point. so much wouldn't even be like it is without his influence. he's a maverick. just think about how society will envy his drive and passion after he dies. it's hard to keep your head at the level now but try, for his rich ass.

  • JustChisholm

    Avoiding "YOLO" at :50 seconds.. "You only....we're all gonna die one day."

  • Haco

    No one is like Kanye cause no one thinks about designing a water bottle.
    Only Gods designs bottles.