Kanye West Responds to Jimmy Kimmel Parody

With Kanye West and Zane Lowe's one on one interview gathering so much attention throughout the music world, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel decided to poke a little fun at the situation and shared a parody skit, which you can view up above. Getting two children to reenact interview, Kanye caught wind of the skit and didn't take it too kindly. Ye took to his Twitter and unleashed his frustration of the spoof going on to share the following:






Obviously Kanye has a point to make with his statements, and didn't hold back, going as far as bringing back his all caps formatting. Kimmel also responded to the situation via Twitter going to share:



We'll keep you updated on the situation as more news is made available. In the meantime, let us know you think of the situation down below.

By: Richard Brooks / News / September 27, 2013 / 8745 Views
  • Jasmine Scott

    People did not really understand how much of a genius Johann Sebastian Bach was until a 100 years after his death. People like Jimmy Kimmel, are those who who prolong our evolution, but Ye knew that they would do something like this. And it typical hoe he just failed to mention the positive things said in the interview, especially how selfless Kanye is.

  • justchaz

    Yes, as I thought, you couldn't name one. Your whole argument comes down to Kanye is alive so he cannot be a visionary and catalyst in the same breath of a Mozart, who like other dead artists, have had the post-mortem time to be immortalized. Your worth is in death. Sigh.

  • justchaz

    Ha! Go watch the full Kanye/Zane interview and you will find the answer to that silly question. Kanye is not Jay-Z, is hungrier than Jay-Z and is leaps and bounds over Jay-Z in passion and vision. Jay is the elderly statesman to Kanye's hungry scope. How can you not see that?

  • peter li

    i saw the whole interview. and i completely get that he's hungrier and more ambitious than jay, case in point being their recent albums. but kanye looks like a child compared to jay.

    jay is looked like he's one of the best businessmen in america even though he doesnt come close to those people with real power but he knows how to get his foot in the door. in a way thats pretty good given his background

    kanye is tryna break into that society, but everytime he doesnt get in or they reject him, he just bitches. he legitimately thinks he's bringing substantial real change to the world by selling records and shoes that get sold on ebay for 90k?

  • peter li

    thats the point. how do you think snl and john stewart and all these guys can make politicians and celebs look like real idiots

  • proam500

    You missed the point of my response. I don't question if he is a "visionary" or "catalyst" as you put it. My point is, why even mention him, or ANY musician, dead or alive in the same breathe as AMADEUS MOZART. AMADEUS MOZART! Why can't he Kanye just be that pushed the genre to another level and tha'ts that? Paul McCartney wrote "Hey Jude" which is thought of to be one of the greatest songs of all time, as well as countless other legendary and revered tunes. If he dies tomorrow and in 40 years when I'm 70, I doubt I or anyone else for that matter will be mentioning him in the same vain as Mozart. The real travesty of the original comment was that he mentioned him with Malcom X. You would even have to agree that that is way over the top.

  • whatjoke

    lmao @ using moreover when ur barely a sentence in..

  • ok

    for what..doing his job? telling jokes, entertaining, like kanye does himself? It's a PARODY. They're not meant to be taken seriously. You can't look at these tweets and then think to yourself" yea go yeezy!!!" because any normal human being would agree Kanye went wayy fuckin overboard with his response. You know it and every person commenting here knows it

  • justchaz

    If you do not know the reason why people, since the beginning of time, compare, differentiate and categorize, then I for one cannot help you. Malcolm X was used to differentiate Kanye's agitation from a more appeasing MLK. Ok, now I'm done.

  • justchaz

    Holee shyt. Really?

  • HB

    Yeah I know. You'd think that someone like a self proclaimed God would have enough self assurance to just say the same and say "Ok, so no interviews or performances for fucking Kimmel."...but no, a whole public tantrum because he's an insecure, attention seeking, talent-free, hack.

  • imwhitesoitisntracist

    can i just get it out there and say jimmy kimmel is a cracker

  • dontactlikeyouknowthefuture

    mozart wasn't an immortal until long after his time.

  • The Rhyme Rockin’ Scotsman

    wut wut, in the butt... Jimmy Kimmel Face