Kanye West Announces Tour With Kendrick Lamar

The the first time in five years, Kanye West will be going on tour. This news coming from Kanye's Twitter account, accompanied by the artwork which can be seen above. It also appears he'll be joined with Kendrick Lamar during this run which is an interesting pairing that's quite massive if we don't say so ourselves. Tickets go on sale September 13, while dates and cities can be seen below. Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated on new developments.

By: Davis Huynh / News / September 6, 2013 / 15522 Views
  • stuart


  • James Moshis

    mother of god..

  • bobbysuarez


  • Mj_Hovito

    Why cant they come to the UK. We basically buy your music for no reason since you dont care about us.

  • chillb

    gotta be smooth transition from kedrick's "fuck them other niggas" in tammy's song to kanye's "cuz im down for my niggas" in blood on the leaves

  • nigga

    theres gonna be another guest on certain tour dates... i think its gonna be jay

  • Basej1

    jay would share the headlining bill, there's no way he's opening for kanye haha. probably will just come out to perform niggas in paris at barclays.

  • LEN

    Chicago Kendrick will be Cape Town on the 11 07 13 - evidence http://online.computicket.com/web/event/miller_boomtown_kendrick_lamar/758612238/0/56295825 unless he has some teleporting super powers.

  • CharleyGFX

    If that happens, then it would've mean that "Jesus Walked" over a "Swiming Pool"

  • trvis

    La Flame?

  • Tai Williams

    tickets are already on sale you fucking assholes, get your shit right

  • George Bush

    Kanye west does not care about British people.

  • Guest

    What an awful comment

  • http://www.facebook.com/SaintBobYeezy?ref=tn_tnmn Saint Bob Yeezy


  • Yeezy

    Kendrick aint supporting Kanye when the performances take place in New York. LOL Kdot knows he will get shot.

  • chiraqmayne

    he already had a show in NY after the control verse

  • chiraqmayne

    dude relax, you sound like an 8 year old

  • VitoMaserati

    ill be at staples center who else???

  • GoldChain

    I do hope it's Travi$

  • scrub

    tryin way to hard bruh

  • bb0ypants

    if he doesn't add a Toronto show I'm gonna kill someone

  • lookclosr

    11 12 13

  • https://twitter.com/Duzit2Smooth Galax-C

    But why Kendrick not coming to Brooklyn tho he King of N.Y lol na but he showing up in Boston that's all I care about

  • StatingTheObvious

    They are bound to make music together with all that time spent performing together.

  • StatingTheObvious

    No pun intended.

  • lelele

    He performed at the VMAs which were located in Brooklyn. If you are implying he is scared to perform in Brooklyn, i beg to differ.

  • pmo

    special guest CHANCE THE RAPPER

  • nodude


  • http://sqre.tumblr.com/ SQUIRE

    not me in live in new zealand :(

  • http://phantomco.blogspot.com/ Deaunte Shugart

    I'll be @ the Staple Center

    Be Young

  • Jimsie

    no performing in florida moratorium ?

  • Typikal Vince

    and it's "Jesus Walks". Damn.

  • Typikal Vince

    No reason? You mean other than the main reason, to listen to it?



  • Marcos Isai Lopez

    What does he mean "first time in 5 years"? I saw him here in Sweden 2 years ago when he did a world tour for MBDTF?

  • nah

    that was for watch the throne

  • shoockwave

    anyone know the presale code for the tickets?

  • sam

    j cole will be the special guest on 25th just so ya knoww.

  • chill

    watch the cap locks

  • Teddy

    Why no Kendrick in New York?! The fuck...

  • Marcos Isai Lopez

    Oh really? I thought I would know since I was at the concert... I saw him solo in August 2011 and then I went to see Watch The Throne in May 2012.

  • jayyyyyyy

    Hurry up with his damn croissant!

  • yomamma

    The "king of NY" won't appear in NY? haha lol he scared tho