Jay Z Sells His Brooklyn Nets Stake to Jason Kidd

Earlier this year, it was reported that Jay Z would be selling his stake in the Brooklyn Nets due to a possible "conflict of interest" when he started his Roc Nation Sports agency. Well it appears the hip-hop mogul has found a buyer, and it happens to be former NBA player and current Brooklyn Nets head coach, Jason Kidd. Through this, the percentage of how much Jay Z actually owned in the Nets was also unveiled, which turns out to be .07 percent (1/15th of a percent), which was sold for roughly $500,000 the New York Post indicates. Leave thoughts below.

By: Davis Huynh / News / September 5, 2013 / 3419 Views
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  • Jubilantjohnny

    Jason Kidd looks excited.


    the person who owns 99.3% doesnt get any credit

  • weak


  • Mikhail Prokhorov

    $500,000.... That's .07 percent of the nets and .1 percent of Jay-Z's net worth.... talk about baby money.

  • https://twitter.com/jlnrsro413 JR

    Kidd looks like he's thinking "Really?" "I got to do this?"

  • https://www.facebook.com/AlurgyApparel kurgy

    kanye aint gettin noboby dropped from the team

  • Deal Maker

    If you know anything at all, you know that Jay-Z was only brought on to help with the marketing/image of the team. He helped them attract certain players & made them "Cool" with Brooklyn's Urban community. In return he received the $ from the opening shows at the Barclay Center, A deal with 2k sports & most importantly creditability and inside info that he is now using for his sports agency.

  • Dolan

    Jason Kidd goes back home and 0.07% beats his wife.

  • http://instagram.com/stevenamir SC

    Damn, so he really didn't own any of the team haha! Literally just the PR face of the franchise, smart move on his part though

  • son


  • JustinValdes

    i have a feeling this is gunna be a bad thing for jason

  • Igloo

    Jay Z is all hype. That's so lame.