HYPETRAK TV: Kendrick Lamar – Different Outlooks

Marking his first interview on Asian soil, Kendrick Lamar caught up with the HYPEBEAST and HYPETRAK familia in Hong Kong during the Beats By Dre's massive Asia tour. Straight out of the plane the West Coast icon shared first impressions of the Far East, his thoughts on touring with his idol and mentor Dr. Dre, his debut album good kid, m.A.A.d city going platinum, the meaning of TDE and also sent out a very special message to his fans.

By: Staff / Hypetrak TV / September 13, 2013 / 4126 Views
  • swipe

    boogie in the left eye

  • Nate Dillard

    "In Kendrick Lamar we Trust"

  • blaow

    this interview was mad boring. hypetrak need to step up the journalism.

    pigeons n planes where its at!!

  • gangstablng3

    what happened to this nigga not wearing fashion and only wearing jerseys and nike cortez lol

  • yawn

    you guys gotta make your interviews a little more exciting man this shit is stale

  • poos

    Timing is out with the audio. come on hypetrak!

  • tony is a fag

    does he shower in that outfit too?

  • http://2hoovez.tumblr.com/ 2 Hoovez

    Kendrick's just throwing his voice.

  • shutup

    smh idiots like u who take every lyric 100% serious is what ruins hip hop

  • gangstablng3

    Fuck you dick face I'm probably more of a hip hop fan/ supporter than you are how am I ruining hip hop by pointing out that Kendrick can't even back up his most basic bars with ant truth what so ever REAL RAP FAN OVER HERE I prolly go to way more concerts than you do also cause I actually support rap