Hudson Mohawke – 100hm (‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Soundtrack)

With the Grand Theft Auto V tracklist making its way online, today we share with you Hudson Mohawke's contribution to the video game with his new single titled "100hm." Set to appear on the Flying Lotus FM station, the track takes on a haunting tone infused with HudMo's characteristic bass-rattling drums. Stream a snippet of the song up above and be sure pick up your copy of GTAV when it drops on September 17.

By: Richard Brooks / Electronic / September 3, 2013 / 8562 Views
  • Charles Wolf


  • wooooooooooooooooooo

    Absurdly turnt.

  • NegaJun

    sleeping dogs had rustie, so gta has to have hud mo.

  • Fooboo

    Flylo's "And The World Laughs With You" right before the song starts. Man this GTA soundtracks gonna be great!

  • Marcos Isai Lopez

    Sleeping Dogs had HudMo too with "Fuse".

  • catherine751

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  • NegaJun

    o wow i guess i didn't catch that. good one.

  • nutmeg

    No thats computer face

  • Fooboo

    You're right. The cutting of the tracks on my Itunes version of the album must be fucked up. Anyway, still some good Flylo music!