Drake Responds to Jay Z: “I’m the Big Homie, Too”

Today is the day. Drake's much-anticipated third album, Nothing Was The Same, is officially in stores, but many of you have probably had the opportunity to check out the work beforehand, due to the early leak. With that being said, one of the more enticing records on the project is the Jay Z-assisted "Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2.” This of course isn't the first time we hear Drake and Jay on the same track, but now Drizzy has undoubtedly come into his own. Hov started out his verse with the line, “I had Benzes ‘fore you had braces,” which garnered Aubrey to fire back, "“Look, f*ck all that ‘happy to be here’ sh*t that y’all want me on. I’m the big homie, they still be tryna lil bro me, dog.” Drake is of course well aware that Jay is still the big homie, but he recently chopped it up with MTV disclosing that he himself is the big homie, too. In speaking on the coinciding project lyric, the Young Money rapper explained:

That’s the first time I’ve ever said that before. On this album I’m extremely aware of where I’m at and nobody can tell me differently. I’m the big homie too. As much as I do remain humble and stay cordial, don’t think I don’t know. I know what’s going on out here, I’m 26 — I’m out here in the streets with the people.

Drake has never been one to shy away from confident statements, but has he indeed reached the point where he can mention himself in that regard? Let us know what you think and be sure to grab a copy of Nothing Was The Same now.