Tyler, the Creator & Hodgy Beats Creating “Jamba” from Scratch

Sagan Lockhart was kind enough to upload this footage of Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats working on a song that quickly transformed into "Jamba." Tyler starts with the drums and builds up from there while Hodgy keeps the creativity flowing by freestyling whatever comes to his mind. After finishing a rough version of the beat, Tyler and Hodgy rap the verses they came up with for each other. "Jamba" can be found on Tyler, the Creator's third studio album Wolf, which is available now.

By: Amani Mrutu / Behind The Scenes / August 21, 2013 / 6841 Views
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    pretty tight.

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    "I don't even wanna talk to your stupid ass bitch. You got problems" Lmao I will forever love OF

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    Turn the lights on.

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    He never releases his best stuff...

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