Raekwon’s ‘Purple Tape’ Re-Released In Limited Edition Slipcase Version

Last year, Get On Down Records re-released Raekwon's classic debut album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..., aka The Purple Tape, as a premium collector's edition box set, detailed here. The run sold out in just 36 hours, so naturally, it's presumed that this year's limited reissue will flock off the shelves in no time too. This time around, you'll get the original 1995 album on purple cassette tape enclosed in a premium shell, a "meticulously recreated 'J-Card' cassette inlay," and two stickers that display sides one and two of the original album. Read more about the exclusive item and purchase it here for just $19.95. Hurry, though—the shop went live today, so the inventory timer is ticking as you read this.