Pusha T featuring Chris Brown – Sweet Serenade (Produced by Swizz Beatz)

Pusha T is back with a new song tonight entitled "Sweet Serenade." As always, Pusha provides some potent lyricism, but it's Chris Brown's performance on the hook where the song truly earns its name. Listen to the Swizz Beatz-produced cut below, and then head over to Twitter, where Pusha T is conducting a live Q&A. Down below you can view a few highlighting answers already, which will be updated as more information is released. My Name Is My Name arrives in stores on October 8.

By: Eric Montanez / Hip hop / August 29, 2013 / 7202 Views
  • sepe

    Damn push! That's so dope. Can't wait for MNIMN!

  • http://www.maximumhq.com/go/ Charlie Dewitte


  • UglyFrank

    Not feeling a Chris Brown feature, he doesn't add anything to this song. I hope this isn't on MNINM.

  • qrct1


  • mmmm

    Dat Komodo Dragon artwork is villainous.

  • Bo Bun

    i could be wrong? but i don't think that's a Komodo Dragon..

  • mmmm

    It's a crocodile I can see now. Whatever, the shape is similar. I like Komodo Dragons and I saw what I wanted to lol. http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.1256979!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/komodo7n-1-web.jpg

  • koralroget7yq

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    i could be wrong? but i don't think that's a Komodo Dragon..

  • http://MastersuhdaUniverse.com/ Masters uh da Universe

    Push flexes his lyrical ability as usual but, the song is sonically boring. Isn't it the producers job to get the best performance from an artist to ADD something to improve the record? Chris Brown's vocal on the hook sounds boring and fails to grab your attention as a listener. Isn't the hook not supposed to hook you/command your attention? The choice of distortion on the vocal was a poor execution of a sound that Kanye has perfected. Why not just have Kanye help polish off the track? Push said Ye "handles the marketing" but, shouldn't he do more to ensure his artists are putting out the best shit possible? Why are people still letting Swizz Beatz produce records on his own? He is the Mike D'Antoni of producers. He has the talent in place and doesn't get the job done. When will Mike D'Antoni learn that defense will win him a championship? When will Swizz learn that repetitive patterns of the same ol' drums doesn't work anymore?

  • Lord

    Pusha t is talented but i can't help but feel he doesn't offer anything fresh or new. He's underrated yet underwhelming too. I'll be all ears for MNIMN but yea, this track is average.

  • Malcolm Flex

    Exodus 23:1...

  • http://www.maximumhq.com/go/ Charlie Dewitte

    That's actually a Justin Bieber diss..

  • I am who I am

    Beat was nice, but seemed too much like one pattern looped for 4 minutes. Coulda done more with it. Chris is probably only on this because he is also from Virginia. Not a bad song at all, but could be a lot better.

  • Dane

    why not hop off kanye wests dick? isnt it kanyes responsibility to allow his artists creative freedom? shouldnt kanye west trust his artists to make quality shyt on their own?


    swizz needs to create a new swizz and pusha t not impressing ,boring song..i miss the clipse

  • Rothschild


  • http://MastersuhdaUniverse.com/ Masters uh da Universe

    Unless its not up to par. Then its his job is to say its not making the cut or make it better. As you can see pusha "just raps". Its the producers job to raise the quality of the track. They failed him on this one.

  • lord quas

    bro this song is so... flat ! Fuck i feel nothing when i listen this shit ! it's boring as fuck

  • cerealism

    Fuck Drizzy