Miley Cyrus by Terry Richardson

Over the last few years, storied photographer Terry Richardson has been bringing some of pop culture's biggest names into his studio to add to their face to his blog's ongoing photo series. The latest celebrity to grace the white backdrop and try on Terry's aviators is Miley Cyrus. The two previously collaborated on a spread for Harper’s Bazaar, and with Miley twerking herself back into stardom in 2013, the timing for their latest photo shoot couldn't have come at a better time. Browse through a few select photos up top and be sure to head over to Terry's blog to see the full gallery.


By: Eric Montanez / Photography / August 15, 2013 / 47879 Views
  • Igiveherthatjamaicandick

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  • Danny

    Hannah changed.

  • jcarmstrong

    only thing i noticed is she's got a good size mouth on her

  • jcarmstrong23

    only thing i noticed is she's got a good size mouth on her, damn i double posted

  • Chrissy

    You guys can keep pretending like she isn't hot.

  • mike

    at least she's original.

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  • MikeyBrock

    Someone tell her that smoking isn't good for her health

  • Com_Truise

    The fuck? Original my ass! Are you being serious :D She is basically hopping on every clichée of a ratchet-hip-hop-hipster there is.

  • lord quas

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  • lord quas

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  • Com_Truise

    Ironi? What does my comment have to do with iron?

  • addy

    girls that try to make smoking cigaretteslook cool or classy disgust me.

  • sdsa


  • stopitimnotavirgin

    I don't know why but looking at other peoples tongues disgusts me.

  • anniee12

    Designer Marc Jacobs controls Miley. He supports her from the background. Jacobs was the reason why Miley`s style completely changed. Jacobs is a puppet master who wants to control everyone. Read the truth about him on:

  • lord quas

    hey tom cruisy the world is not turning around you

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  • Com_Truise

    Scientology teaches me otherwise.

  • yumyum

    dudes too busy hatin to say theyd hit it. Who gives a fuck, probly great pussy that id love to smash on drugs

  • Kedar Patel

    Waiting for that sex tape... tick tock tick tock.

  • Jesus Christ

    Yes. Every time a girl lights a cigarette, she is trying to convince you she is cool or classy. Or she just wants a smoke... smh. I hate people that make these types of comments. NO ONE ACTUALLY SMOKES TO TRY AND LOOK COOL. LIVE AND LET LIVE YOU POMPOUS WIND BAG.

  • volunteer english teacher

    "... the timing for their latest photo shoot couldn't have come at a better time."

  • lord quas

    you killed me !

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  • kungki

    but this will not change everything