MellowHigh – MellowHigh (Artwork)

Having last supplied fans with tracks on both this year's and last's 4/20 "holidays," MellowHype and Domo Genesis' collaborative group Mellowhigh now reveals the artwork for their self-titled debut project. Looking to get their album's mastering and final edits done soon, the trio also went on to share that the project will surface on Halloween, October 31. Up above you can check out the artwork and for those interested in checking out some behind the scenes footage of Odd Future artists creating the album and out on tour, be sure to check out the first two episodes of their "Odd World: MellowHigh" series below.

By: Richard Brooks / News / August 24, 2013 / 3685 Views
  • JustinValdes

    looks very promising

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  • amazingameer

    And now OF as a crew is coming full circle. Perhaps we can see a better-than-Wutang scenario where most if not all the group members have similar levels of commercial sucess like Tyler, Frank and now recently Earl has. Hodgy, Domo and Left Brain were always dope, this should solidify that statement.

  • yeawahtevr

    mike g should be scraped from of

  • Herbclouds


  • wolf_mccloud

    true. that nigga whack and seems to make no progress as an artist. most times dude's flow is terrible when the tempo is outside of his comfort zone.

  • ejehd

    you neeed to understand, that of is not a label. they're friends. it's not for us, it's for them so noone will be dropped or some shit.

  • jakobikills

    quite stoked

  • IvyMMM

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  • Swank

    Chill Out bro Mike G is smooth af ...shut up and vibe

  • wolf_mccloud

    also agreed. i just understand why niggaz think he's whack. he's got mad potential tho.

  • so

    he still kinda sucks

  • gas life