Majid Jordan – afterhours (EP)

After recently being featured on Drake's new "Hold On We're Going Home" track as well …

After recently being featured on Drake's new "Hold On We're Going Home" track as well as now being signed to his OVO imprint, here Fashionably Early has thus come through to provide a fresh compilation from Toronto duo Majid Jordan. Matt Albin of FE had this to say regarding it:

When Drake’s new single ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ was released today, and you saw that Majid Jordan was featured on the track, you probably thought, “Who the hell is Majid Jordan”. Well, Majid Jordan is a duo consisting of Majid Al Maskati & Jordan Ullman out of Toronto, Ontario, rumored to be signed to Drake’s OVO Sound imprint under Warner/Chappell. They are the latest member of the OVO Sound imprint according to Drake. Majid Jordan used to go under the name GOOD People, but ended up changing their name to Majid Jordan, combing each-other’s first names (if you weren’t able to catch that). Drake says that Majid is the one who sings, and Jordan is the one who produces in the group. Below, you can download & stream their mixtape/EP afterhours, which the duo released under the name GOOD People but has since been taken down all across the internet. The project sounds somewhat similar to Drake’s new single, but it features some more down-tempo songs as well. The music in general on the project, off one listen, sounds all around very dope, & different.

Unfortunately beyond that project, I really have no other information for you. This post will continuously be updated with new information once more comes of the upcoming group. A big shout out to KTT for coming through with a lot of this information

Nonetheless, we eagerly welcome the refreshing eight-track EP from the rising singer/producer tandem, and we hope to hear more very soon from the talented act. Let us know what you think of Majid Jordan after streaming afterhours below.


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