KiD CuDi Reacts to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse

KiD CuDi, who recently collaborated with Kendrick Lamar on "Solo Dolo Pt. 2," decided to share his thoughts on Kendrick's "Control (HOF)" verse and the numerous responses it's getting via Twitter. CuDi says he's a fan of Kendrick's aggressive verse, explaining "Hip Hop ain't about hugs and high fives." However, he is not a fan of the countless responses that have been made because that energy could be used more productively. Read his full thoughts on the matter below:

People keep asking me how I feel about Kendricks verse on Big Seans jams. It was dope! Ur suppose to want to bite the heads of ur opponents. Hip Hop aint about hugs and high fives. I personally don't think anyone should have responded. Niggaz need to put that energy into makin a classic album and responding that way. Id feel this way had he mentioned me or not. Cuz at the end of the day Kendrick showed love, was polite and really genuine when we worked. And thats what matters. Every rapper should want to murder other rappers. Its a joke otherwise. Im just happy i lost the "MOST EMO RAPPER AWARD" recently ha. To everyone who felt some type of way by Kendricks verse ha. Its rap. niggaz aint saving lives or feeding the hungry. who caresses. Ok so those are my thoughts.

By Amani Mrutu / News / August 15, 2013 / 13228 Views
  • Andy Mitchell

    who caresses he says

  • pittalo

    ''People keep asking me how I feel about Kendricks verse on Big Seans jams''

  • Sarah

    Honestly though... didn't Kendrick Lamar work with J cole, Drake, Mac Miller, etc. I just think he has GOT to be fucking around. As much as hes serious, he's also NOT serious. You know?

    Only thing is - why is he calling himself King of NYC and then shouting out to Nas and Jigga? Like didn't those people pave the way for him.... he might have bitten off more than he could chew.

  • Charlie Dewitte

    More people than fucks given about your opinion.

  • basedgodscuhsin

    youre dumb as fuck. shutup sarah.

  • TheRealOhhhFuhh

    Take your own advice and make a good album like the shit u used to make cudi!

  • Mike Thompson


  • Nick • Eyebone

    *starts a slow clap*

  • fotofiend666

    Immortal Technique shits on all these "rappers"

  • yeawahtevr

    ahuhh*gag*h imtoratak tecniqe arrdhdh real hippity hopp



  • Luffa

    "Its rap. niggaz aint saving lives or feeding the hungry. who caresses." - Amen

  • Serge

    Immortal Technique has great lyrics but but rapping is garbage.



  • Nilshan Jude Perera



    He typed Amen, he pasted niggaz

  • JoeShmo

    i dont think kendrick meant any real hate towards anybody. he's just calling people out as a challenge to wake these people up and stop moving towards whats popular right now and be more innovative with the way they flow. its funny that people get mad at that. but at the same time hes from LA and he called himself the king of NY damn thats crazy.

  • thetrilltroll

    great tumblr btw man I enjoy it!

  • thetrilltroll

    ***you all got got clapped up***

  • Mr.SHameless
  • no shit


  • MuscleMane

    yeah totally bro. have you heard dance with the devil? its so thought provoking bro. sent chills down my spine bro. thats REAL rap, like with a message bro. he has flow and his lyrics mean something, like if you actually analyze it bro. you should also check out this guy named Macklemore, he is totally changing the rap game bro. a breath of fresh air.

  • malcolm


  • Wow

    never witnessed such a disgrace to the Troll community. Don't ever. Again.

  • Alex Smith

    Hopsin is average, 3 good songs what else? Dissing to create hype around him when he isnt consistant at all, he's good, but not changing the game

  • thetrilltroll

    I'm on vacation bitch.

  • logic

    double standards like a fucking idiot.

  • TheRealOhhhFuhh

    Corny ass nigga

  • .

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahjaajajaja arcasm

  • Saul Bautista

    I agree with you Sarah. He just did it for hype, nothing else. Immature and senseless move if you ask me.