Forbes Names the Highest Paid Electronic DJs in 2013

We've been there before. Like the years before, the esteemed business publication has listed the biggest cash cows among the Electronic music DJs in 2013. While Tiësto was topping this list last year, he now has to pass the cash crown to Calvin Harris, who signed on to play more than 70 shows over a two-year period at Las Vegas megaclub Hakkasan, and receives money songwriting and producing for pop stars like Rihanna. The magazine claims he even made more money than Jay-Z or Katy Perry. The estimates take earnings from live shows, endorsements, merchandise sales, recorded music sales, external business ventures into account. Check out the list below and head over to Forbes to get a more detailed scoop on the earning of the respective names.

1. Calvin Harris - $46 million
2. Tiësto - $32 million
3. David Guetta - $30 million
4. Swedish House Mafia - $25 million
5. deadmau5 - $21 million
6. Avicii - $20 million
7. Afrojack - $18 million
8. Armin van Buuren - $17 million
9. Skrillex - $16 million (tie)
9. Kaskade - $16 million (tie)
11. Steve Aoki - $14 million
12. DJ Pauly D - $13 million (tie)
12. Diplo - $13 million (tie)

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / August 15, 2013 / 21838 Views
  • zztop

    i expected skrillex to be higher tbh.

  • Pipe

    Pauly D among this list ? Who paid him that much ?

  • ryduhh

    The fact that Tiesto & Guetta are that high on the list when they are just the absolute worst, while Diplo ~ who has been pushing musical boundaries since 2004 ~ is last on the list is so fucking unsettling. EDM-heads can just stop at any point.

  • pittalo

    Holy shit, it's unbelievable how big Calvin Harris has become. Good for him that he's earning that much, sad that the music sucks #icreateddisco

  • moneymammoth

    what a slap in the face to legitimate artists like Diplo to tie with Pauly
    D. lmao @ how stupid people are to waste money on they guys.

  • Witness to Change

    That Pauly D shit is just straight up depressing.

  • Regulas2

    poor old chap trying to make ends meet at 13 million a year. David Guetta is a full blown pop music star so yes he's going to make more money than a reggae fusion producer/DJ. And It's beyond me how any fan of dance music could trash tiesto, he's done so much for dance music.

  • Jacobo Piñeiro Ansede

    Richie Hawtin?

  • north west

    wheres DJ kanye west?

  • bcncool

    You're absolutely right- the man has been around for years. Ryduhh is just mad.

  • gangstablng3

    he plays the pool after dark weekly like all summer long at harrahs in atlantic city

  • nigga

    pauly d making as much as diplo is actually the saddest shit ive heard in a while

  • FuckJohnLawyer

    Fuckers been disrespecting house. This list is irrelevant. #detroit

  • PoeticCrime

    Over paid fucks

  • Kedar Patel

    Button Pushers. Who cares. :)

  • max power

    Tiesto has done a lot for dance music, but he started sucking massive chodes a few years ago,

  • max power

    Although EDM is now more popular than ever, its shit. Very few artists keep it real IMO, particularly french artists.

  • fiddy

    Curtis Jackson. 50 likes to feeeed his niggaz.

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  • MQ

    just waiting for the highest paid non-electronic DJ list...

  • JustinValdes

    cant believe Diplo is last -__-

  • T_topman