Flying Lotus Previews Unreleased ScHoolboy Q Tracks

An unreleased remix of Flying Lotus messing around with ScHoolboy Q's song "Hands On The Wheel" was released nearly a year ago, so it's great to see that the two have finally worked in a more official capacity. But before you get your hopes up, realize that there's a good chance that the full version of these songs will never come out. FlyLo tweeted the below message before delivering us a few Vines containing snippets of unreleased songs from Q. If these aren't good enough to make the final cut of OXYMORON, we can't wait to find out what is.



By: Amani Mrutu / Hip hop / August 17, 2013 / 4583 Views
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  • guest

    fuckin A nigga, this is crack in a good way

  • wolf_mccloud

    that last one sounded crazy! fuck is q doing not feeding these innanet skreets, we need dat heat!

  • funkNsteez

    flying lotus is THE five-star chef of beats

  • Samrai

    last track sounds like a remix to sexting or a sexting pt 2