Drake Explains ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Album Artwork

Drake explains his recently revealed album artwork for Nothing Was The Same while talking with MTV. The two covers are oil paintings done by Kadir Nelson. Drizzy has set up the artwork so when you go to a store you will see a younger Drake and older Drake facing each other. Watch the video above to hear the deeper meanings that the covers have to him. Drake's third studio album Nothing Was The Same is set for release on September 24.

By: Amani Mrutu / Interviews / August 27, 2013 / 4481 Views
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  • hmhm

    Chance the Rapper - 10Day

  • noot noot motherfucker

    Nigga tried to make himself look better. Nah nigga.

  • no dude

    The concept for Drake's is entirely different. Chance's was just his head in the clouds. They look similar, but I'm pretty sure there's no biting here.