Unreleased Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury Duets Coming

It appears we may be hearing from the King of Pop this fall, as TIME Magazine reports that they have unearthed three tracks Michael recorded with Freddie Mercury back in 1983. What was supposed to be a collaborative effort, fell apart due to the "constraints" of the two pop megastars schedules. It was rumored that some tensions grew on Freddie Mercury's end when Michael Jackson insisted in bringing a llama into the recording studio, while on the flipside, Jackson was upset at Mercury for "taking too much cocaine in his living room."

As it stands, there's three fully recorded tracks titled “There Must Be More to Life Than This,” “State of Shock” and “Victory.” They never saw the light of day until 2011, after both artists had passed away – that's when Jackson’s estate went ahead to cleared the tracks for release, and they intend on doing so this upcoming fall. Stay tuned.