The Weeknd – Belong To The World

The Weeknd has released a new visual/single for "Belong To The World," the latest cut taken from his forthcoming album Kiss Land, that uses samples from Portishead's "Machine Gun." Despite an impressive song/visual, there lies an issue. The sample is unsanctioned and Portishead's own Geoff Barrow went on to Twitter to express his frustrations:

"When someone asks to sample you and you refuse they should have the respect as a fellow artist to not use it."

Source: MTV

By: Davis Huynh / Music Videos / July 15, 2013 / 6929 Views
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  • Clientélele

    portishead track is wayyyyy better...SMH

  • oopp

    not really..

  • Tamoor Chaudhry


  • french

    it made me watch the advert, but won't let me watch the video in the uk. thanks mtv

  • waste

    fuck outta here with your Soundcloud thirsty hoe

  • Blade Runner
  • weekstrt

    video nice, lyrics nice, song not that much.

  • gordoboy18

    I think this is hot.

  • Lateef
  • Becky Bruton

    Not loving it as much as his previous stuff.

  • AfricanTribal

    Solid attempt at gathering a larger mainstream audience. I hope the essence of his music doesn't change though.

  • trying

    I don't think you know what your talking about

  • Earl

    Kinda whack that a canadian artists video is unavailable in Canada...

  • AfricanTribal

    Hmm, let's see. This is the second single for "Kiss Land", The Weeknd's first album under a major record label (Universal Republic and Republic). Unlike any other The Weeknd song, they released "Belong to The World" alongside the music video, guaranteeing the single radio, television (network) and internet based play in its first few weeks of circulation. This will give it a broader audience right off the bat and attempting to broaden his fan base more than the first single "Kiss Land/ John Carpenter" ever did. Not to mention the fact that The Weeknd is on the cover of next month's edition of Complex magazine, adding another medium in which the song is introduced. Why does all this matter? Well, we know that in the last three years the Weeknd has grown in popularity largely due to his features and his mixtapes, all of which were either promoted by himself, websites or other artists and their labels, meaning that until Republic decided to rerelease his mixtapes, his promotions and circulation was limited to a niche set of consumers (mainly hip hop, r&B, alternative fans and fans of other artists in similar genres). I understand he also gained a lot of fans through some radio play of some popular song off his mixtapes, but they pale in comparison to those of his features (Crew Love with Drake, for an example). Now to rap this up, this is the Weeknd's first attempt at releasing new music and an entirely new album with a record label. A record label is the difference between a few thousand people coming into contact with your music, or a few million. Before the release of an album, a record label usually requires a lead single, especially from new and upcoming artists who have smaller audiences. This is because the want as much media (radio, television, etc..) play as possible before they start shipping the album to help recoup the cost of promotion and packaging (which The Weeknd didn't have before joining Universal Republic). The Weeknd's first track of his upcoming album "Kissland/John Carpenter" was a great song, but it is almost 7 minutes long and is definitely too slow and downcast to draw up much new attention. It's mostly a song for his established fans. "Belong to The World" is very different. It is pretty up tempo, catchy (it's got a pretty clear hook compared to "Kiss Land") and ambiguous enough to be a lead minus the 2 minute intro in the video. If you compare this song to most of his records, it stands out in how clear and inexplicit it is. There's no references to sex, drugs or any kind of violence which is a little bizarre considering how frequently they're mentioned in all of his mixtapes. This leads us to believe that "Belong to the World" is a The Weeknd radio single, through and through. To summarize, I believe that because his first release on a major record label is only a few weeks away, his label has pushed him toward making a song/visual that can appeal to a broader audience than just that of his original fans and fans of people similar to him such as bloggers and the like. The song itself, compared to most of his music, is perfect for that, helping draw in people who would not otherwise have heard of him. This is to help him sell more records and thus make the record company more money.

  • swagboy

    u mad bro lol

  • AfricanTribal

    Just got a lot of time on my hand this summer

  • skinE

    dide wicked games is his single. Ya it was out in 2011 but the major distribution is a direct result of that, and the label knows that the average fan has no idea which song is from which album and whats the single. Once a song is at almost 20 million views and on radio non stop and climbing as he becomes hyped more and becomes one whole entity. No one buys albums, and the internet makes it to where labels don't dictate a strategic plan of single releases. All the shit is there, I think your point is irrellavant