Stream NBA 2K14’s Playlist, Produced by LeBron James

As the cover athlete for NBA 2K14, LeBron James has also been appointed to be the executive producer of the video game's soundtrack. Today 2K Games joined forces with Spotify to bring fans their first listen to the tracks curated by James, and shared a 20-track playlist which includes the likes of Nas, Daft Punk, Phil Collins, Jay Z, Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick Lamar and many more. As the first NBA 2K cover athlete to choose the game's soundtrack, James put together quite a diverse library of tunes, which you can now stream down below.

By: Richard Brooks / Music / July 27, 2013 / 11214 Views
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  • truluminum

    2k is losing on soundtracks man. whats the point of having songs you've already heard a hundred times? i remember when 2k soundtracks had random new shit you'd never heard before. discovering new artists and all that

  • Straight

    Thanks so much LeBron James. I'm sure you tried really hard when you made this all by yourself.

  • chaosman33

    100% he had nothing to do with this and they just slapped his name on it

  • bryan

    Hell yeah. Wasn't Kanye discovered cause of 2k?

  • carl peligro

    nfl qb club

  • George Jernigan

    this shit is butt!

  • WMEC.

    "Not Afraid" is that for 4th quarter encouragement ? haha wtf is this.

  • urk

    this is so bad he probably did do this on his own

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  • whatajoke

    lmfao..Can't believe it. SOMEHOW you just gotta SQUEEZE Kanye in there right

  • ?

    No, not at all. Kanye gained momentum as a producer in the late 90's, then went from there, long before 2k existed. What the hell are you talking about

  • IV

    Lebron too thirsty to put the Black Keys on there with his Akron ass

  • JAB_punch

    He did a better job than Jay Z from last year... I can feel it in the air is a good song i can listen to when creating myplayer!!!

  • this guy

    Nah he probably actually made this. He loves KRIT which is why that was up there. I dont see why he wouldn't have been able to make a 15 song playlist.

  • TheRealOhhhFuhh

    NBA Live's comback is much bigger than this tracklist

  • smh

    you totally missed the point

  • TonyTooCool