KiD CuDi – Going To The Ceremony

Here's a nice surprise for this Monday evening. To combat the wear and tear that the first day of the work week has likely had on you (unless you're lucky enough to still get summer breaks), KiD CuDi decided to brighten things up a bit by dropping a brand new song. "Going To The Ceremony" is its name and the track's psychedelic, electric guitar lead gives it an upbeat edge that matches the title. Thank CuDi himself and his longtime friend and frequent collaborator, Dot Da Genius, for that—it was produced by the two under their moniker, WZRD. Could this mark the beginning of another album for the rock-infused duo? Given the fact that it's been released under CuDi's name, chances are that it's probably not. Perhaps it's the first taste of a new CuDi project, though? Only time will tell.

By: Matt Morris / Hip hop / July 2, 2013 / 9912 Views