Kavinsky featuring The Weeknd – Odd Look (Remix)

After letting A-Trak and Surkin remix his "Odd Look," electronic music's favorite zombie Kavinsky has teamed up with The Weeknd for the latest rendition of the cut. It should not come as a surprise as the result is quite overwhelming as Abel Tesfaye's vocals go hand in hand with the synth-heavy production. This could become an instant favorite on your playlist so tune in above.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Remixes / July 21, 2013 / 6914 Views
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  • ye ye

    not diggin weeknds new projects

  • TheLastMindBender

    Kavinsky and The Weeknd , cmon Walls are being broken down , i love this !

  • 808

    something got me feeling we will never hear the same The Weeknd from 'House of Balloons' again

  • fahad

    this actually sounds like house of balloons, the song in particular. kavisky kinda sounds like siouxsie and the banshees whom the weeknd sampled house of balloons from.