Jay-Z – Dead Presidents 3 (Produced by Young Guru)

Young Guru has revealed in past interviews that Jay-Z has albums worth of material vaulted away. Among the highlights of today's Twitter Q&A with Jay was someone asking about the unreleased track "Dead Presidents 3." Hov responded by giving the green light to Young Guru or Just Blaze to release the track. Guru promptly blessed cyberspace with the song. Without further ado, "Dead Presidents 3."


By: Amani Mrutu / Hip hop / July 9, 2013 / 7830 Views
  • Kedar Patel

    Greatest of all time.

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  • mmmm

    It's interesting to think about how much stuff certain artists put out. The right amount of product is important, and it varies with style. I'm always ready for Jay. He brings quality every time, and seems able to drop all kinds of shit, including unreleased stuff. Ye on the other hand, I love it, but I almost need that 2 year break between his drops to appreciate it honestly. Young artists gotta learn how much to put out (J Cole, you make too much damn music).

  • jordan

    When Jay-Z was believable.

  • no hate

    younger artists have to put out more music or else they will fade away. They need money and fame so they can take breaks.

  • Big Jimmy

    i wouldnt even call J Coals shit music

  • jordan

    I understand that line of thinking, but I disagree. The higher the quality of the music, the less necessary it is to release a shit storm of material. Lil B is a prime example. The shit storm was the point, not the quality of individual tracks (though he has had some good ones, the majority are middling at best.) 15 songs a month is not artistry, it's a cry for attention.

  • swi

    I agree- look at jay electronica.

    i ejaculate everytime eryka/white lady lets him release music

  • http://www.foruseinmoderation.com/ wolf_mccloud

    until he prepped for born sinner j. cole hadn't directly released any solo shit since his first album tho. unless you're talking about all the truly yours eps.

  • Janice S. Roberts

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  • JR

    Well there was the Get Free remix, The Cure and Grew Up Fast as well. I can't remember if there was anything else but those were all solid releases.

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  • fuck

    i dont understand why this wasnt on the album :(

  • Daniel Cly Gordon IX

    spectacular. imagery enough to make picaso trip out on this niggas words.

  • http://www.foruseinmoderation.com/ wolf_mccloud

    if you discount the tryuly yours eps, three songs and like 5 features aren't much considering he dropped his first album in 2011 and the amount of features rappers usually do between projects.

  • Hayden

    Huh first line jacks jay elec exact same two lines :S

  • MeenGene

    Man I been waiting for this full version since they released only the first verse on an old White owl mixtape. Or was it flex? I forget but i been bangin that one verse for years.

  • MeenGene

    what are you 15? the first line is from the original dead presidents, and this track is like 6 years old so it wouldn't be jacking any jay electronica. idiot......