Is ‘Watch the Throne 2′ Happening? – Yes.

In a bizarre turn of events following a Twitter exchange between musicians Hudson Mohawke and Mike Dean about Magna Carta... Holy Grail, it was revealed by the latter that Watch the Throne 2 was "happening." It wasn't the first time the famed producer made a "confirmation" as seen here during an interview with Quiet Lunch Magazine. This has all taken place after some choice words Hudson made about the Magna Carta... Holy Grail album:

Hov is not quite ready, had a gang of my stuff to choose from and passed up on it for his record. Ye on the other hand unafraid to take risks.




By: Staff / News / July 5, 2013 / 8744 Views / Source: Complex
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  • maikel

    i was hoping for a featured from both artist on their new albums though

  • TopBananas

    How can you tell if it was heated or not?

  • grammer nazi


  • brooms

    bizarre* but at least you were closer than 'bazaar' HOW DOES ANYONE GET AS FAR AS THE WRITER OF THIS POST WITH SPELLING LIKE THAT? hhahaahahahaha

  • wolf_mccloud

    at least someone is honest about the album being lazy/sounding half-assed and unoriginal, there's too much dick riding going on these days. and if jay would burn a bridge over another man's honest opinion then that says a lot about the company he keeps.

  • Blood on the Peas

    "...[H]ad a gang of my stuff to choose from and passed up on it for his record"

    Sounds like he's butthurt because Hov didn't want to use his stuff. Wait till WTT2, then you can use those beats Hudson.

  • fahad

    WTT2 will be a proof that jay-z just needs some of that Yeezus' blessing

  • Future #1 nigga

    Haha did hypetrak fix their typos and delete comments?

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  • bobtheback

    look i dont give a fuck about this i just want my bacon

  • Parienve8137

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    i dont agree with the sounding lazy thing, but that can be argued i
    understand. but for id hate to hear jay z rap about fears of fatherhood
    over hud mo. an insane new wave jay z solo record aged 42 i dont need.
    wtt stuff i can take.

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  • Com_Truise

    Jesus Christ, I can't see those dudes anymore...Can't they chill out for a year?

  • Yup

    This isnt new news...He said last year it was happening as well in an interview....

  • HudYe

    he's not butthurt hes upset that MCHG is so mediocre and boring and way too safe

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