Fan Creates Kanye West Video Game ‘Kanye Quest 3030′

Kanye West fandom has reached a new plateau today, as game maker Phenix has created a Kanye West video game he's calling Kanye Quest 3030 – a PC game that's being described as "a hip-hop-themed science-fiction 2D roleplaying game starrring Kanye West." The game trailer below shows Kanye West serving as the protagonist going against all kinds of industry clones such as Jay Z, Lil B, Tupac, Nicki Minaj, Nas, MF Doom and even Biggie who are all being controlled by a dictator to take out Kanye West. It should also be noted that the game is unofficial and a spoiler of how the game ends can be seen below. Kanye Quest 3030 is currently available for free download here.


End of game Spoiler

By: Davis Huynh / Trailers / July 23, 2013 / 6933 Views / Source: Kotaku
  • paulsta

    But where is the soundtrack?

  • SDJJ

    this is definitely genius!

  • wolf_mccloud

    "kanye uses croissants" lmao. how are these niggaz only at level 8 and 9 at the end of the game tho; you can get to at least level 15 before the second gym leader in pokémon.

  • Haco

    It reminds me a game I played at the Game Boy when I was nine

  • MarvelAlexander

    lolol "The Based Chapel"

  • Brendan Gilhooly

    In the year three thousand and thirty, everybody wanna be an EmCee

  • ChrisSanders

    Kanye used "Speech Interruption!"
    This was epic as hell.

  • Villa

    pc only =[

  • $$$

    PC ONLY?

  • Brendan Gilhooly

    What're you posting on, your phone? Shit needs as much hardware as pong, and probably takes up as much space.

  • Villa

    i'm posting this from a macbook, and the download site says pc only. it will only work on mac with windows emulators/partitions.

  • Brendan Gilhooly

    Yeah, I see the problem there. My broke ass has never owned a mac, so I tend to forget how popular they are.

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  • solegendary

    You think anything hypetrak posts with the name "kanye" in it is genius, dont you

  • BasedYe

    3030? They should have kept it 300.

  • Victor C


  • jordan

    Please code this for Mac. Pleaseeeeeeee.

  • MeenGene

    actually, Macbooks are not that popular, as no one really buys them year over year. People just keep them for years and years and it creates a false image of popularity.

  • NAG

    LIL B!

  • thefuck?

    I'm stuck! how do I go to brooklyn!?

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  • V

    hypetrak is where they all gather to dick ride kanye

  • ¢¢

    lmao you sound dumb

  • ¢¢

    download wine

  • ¢¢

    download wine, it works for me now

  • ¢¢

    just downlaod wine man it works perfectly fine

  • MeenGene

    you sound like a fuckin idiot. Apple sells less than 10000 computers a year, but everyone has one, right? wrong. Just shut the fuck up.

  • ¢¢

    haha you sound mad now.

  • MeenGene

    weak response. got em.

    but no thats my normal tone

  • ¢¢

    hahaha, you're the type of person that cant stand being told he's wrong. Someones got daddy issues.

  • MeenGene

    but im right, so the more you talk, the dumber you sound.

  • ¢¢

    lmao, you're mad arent you? poor kid stop being so stubborn bruh

  • MeenGene

    not sure if trolling or actually that stupid. you havent even made a point or tried to prove me wrong but obviously im mad about something....

    On second thought, trolling -_-

  • ¢¢

    hahahaha. i haven't tried to make a point or prove anything. clearly you're obsessed with having to be "right" at all times. get off the internet. every reply you make on this just shows how overly obsessive you are.

  • MeenGene

    so im mad because i need to be "right" but apparently im wrong for some undisclosed reason? are you retarded?

  • ¢¢

    just look at every post you make on Disqus, just take the L

  • MeenGene

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  • ¢¢

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  • MeenGene

    I get it now. you been salty ever since I told you to shut the fuck up. And you been trollin tryna get even ever since lol.


  • ¢¢

    dead to me bruh

  • MeenGene

    lol hop off bruh.