Big Sean – Fire

After previewing his new "Fire" single last week in London, Big Sean now liberates the official CDQ version courtesy of Samsung. Using a live choir layered with synths and percussions, the impressive offering serves as one of the first singles we've heard off "Hall of Fame" which is due out August 27. Leave your thoughts below.

Banner photography: Pim Hendriksen

By: Davis Huynh / Music / July 29, 2013 / 12513 Views
  • goodboy

    People will hate but whatever. I enjoy hearing Sean's music a lot. I feel good. He is one of the few artists that literally makes me happy like, this is fun shit to hear.

  • Peter piper

    Big Sean is the most inspirational rap/hip hop artist today. He preaches good vibes and you can't help but to smile and look at the brighter things in life. Real talk

  • SI

    is there an explicit version?

  • maikel

    This beat is good. Grows on you.

  • soapyandnotnew

    why this guy still trying to sing?

  • Fire

    Haven't heard a feel good song in a while.

  • kidkongo

    always felt like big sean deserves it.

  • wolf_mccloud

    i fux w/ this beat and that album cover is tight.

  • ikemsmith

    Good song.

  • alright

    Too soft for my taste, but it's not bad.

  • czar

    Not going to get the title as the best Big Sean song, but it's a great song to add to my library. i support sean. he has a good feel good sound to his music. he has his own feel and im glad it separates him from this "dark/futuristic/catchy bs thats occuring"

  • EMNLx

    it's all about the luv. i support.

  • TroyRoll HypeLamez

    ...and thats "feel good" comment number 4..Damn hypetrak! For being Yeezus fanboys, yalll sure aint creative

  • truth

    Not that they hate, it's just his first album was a shitshow, letting loyal fans down

  • Mr. Feel Good

    There's something about this comment that makes me "feel good" about feeling good about this song.

  • Sleep

    Just like "So Much More" of Finally Famous, the vocals are too quiet and it drives me insane.

  • The Rhyme Rockin’ Scotsman

    Seriously, there is only two songs i like from Big Sean, and they are from his Finally Famous mixtape: Fat Raps Remix and Supa Dupa Lemonade... everything else is 'meh. No homo

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  • troyroll hypelamez

    somethin bout your moms cooch that feels good

  • cerealism

    Reminds me of when I first heard son on Finally Famous Vol. 1 and couldn't wait to hear more. Might actually buy this album, should've had Cudi sing at the end imo though.

  • tyler

    heard part of verse one and verse two here about a year ago...

  • Masters uh da Universe

    Big Sean should inspire anyone who comes from absolutely nothing. Detroit is a forgotten city that was once the backbone of the American economy and was a place that produced some of the greatest soul records of all time. Sean speaks from that place and he has made it doing what he loves while repping to the death for his city. Not many put they city on every song like he does. It's raw human emotion. Dope track.

  • cooley high

    i fux with your mom because her pussys tight

  • jordan

    I like the beat a lot, but I'm listening / nodding to it more than I am to Big Sean...

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  • UglyFrank

    You haven't seen her in ages, last time i was there it was wider than a manhole, that is what we call it, the manhole.


    This Ha$$ard guy is soon to be on the G.O.O.D MUSIC roster! Straight from the DMV

  • Fun

    shits is fun lmfao. makes me happy? baby where you from??????
    ........and for the record it's not big sean that makes you feel good it's the producer. holla

  • L3R0Y


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  • Garrett Broadnax

    For sure. He might have even been able to get away with it if the sample wasn't so repetitive. He and the choir are in the same vocal range, dudes gotta turn down the volume or pitch.

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  • LilSoupie

    you feel good ma brother?! Lil Soupie thinks you like it in the ass!