J. Cole featuring Kendrick Lamar – Forbidden Fruit

With his worldwide listening session for his Born Sinner LP taking place tonight, J. Cole is sure to please fans as we now get our first listen to one of the more anticipated tracks, "Forbidden Fruit," featuring Kendrick Lamar. A lot of discussion was created when Kendrick's name appeared on the album's tracklist, being that Cole stated that he wouldn't have any rap features included on his sophomore album, and holding true to his word, Lamar provides vocal work on the song's chorus. Check out the track down below and be sure to place your pre-orders for Born Sinner now by clicking here.

By: Richard Brooks / Hip hop / June 7, 2013 / 11869 Views / Source: 2DopeBoyz
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  • 0chainz

    Word? Tribe?
    J. Cole rips it..

  • Casey Felton

    J Cole is boring as fuck.

  • Yuck

    Yeah, he just can't seem
    to connect.
    Wish him the best, though.

  • DJ MyGodComPlex

    Love this...

  • young caramel


  • what

    Why is this free? Not even leak-wise like, this song does not cost money to have...?

  • Ya Bish

    Agree man, he makes good tracks but doesn't know how to make hits ...

  • moreorless

    the third verse + useless skit ruined the vibe of the song....


    i cant believe no one notice this. A TRIBE CALLED QUEST

  • your mom

    He ruined my favorite tribe beat

  • Mj_Hovito

    I did.

  • Stevey Ramanlal

    i did bro electric relaxation first thing that pooppped in

  • maikel

    god i hate cole's voice

  • ColeMadeYouMad

    It crazy how much Hate this song is getting.. lol... Do yo thing Cole dont stop! #ColeSummer

  • Guest

    and who is someone you consider that isn't boring ?

  • ty

    Let Nas Down dropped too !

  • Sebastian De Deyne

    Generally like what Cole does but not feeling this one...

  • levi

    this song is sick


    interesting that just two weeks ago, j.cole moved his release date up, and he references it in this song.


    remix with kendrick verse is needed.

  • Mike Bibby

    So this man Cole thought it was aiight to just have Kendrick on the hook..

  • swaq


  • greg

    it is the beat chances are it's no stolen it was asked for

  • nf

    Just proof how stupid hip hop fans have gotten. Can't even appreciate a nigga who spits real lyrics that apply to most people and just listen to his music and call it boring cause it's not catchy. Exactly why rappers like 2 Chianz, Rick Ross and other niggas who make songs with pointless lyrics and songs about having money and being fake ass drug pushers are so big.

  • SpaceGhostPurrp

    Another victory under Kanyes belt. J.cole was askin for it..

  • guest

    coming from a guy who doesn't even pay attention to j. cole tbh this song is pretty good.

  • jiffy boy

    Nas is so boring

  • Devinking

    The album is aight 7.5/10. Cole can make good individual songs/spit a dope verse here and there but hasn't made a great body of work yet that has great replay value. I like this album more than sideline story because it's sounds more rap than hip hop. But still, after listening I don't find myself wanting to BUY this when it drops. Kanye will outsell him.

  • Casey Felton

    Danny Brown my nigga

  • Darren Black Cacho

    he could have at least giving kendrick lamar a verse

  • The buseniss


  • Meedak

    Wouldn't know good music if it bit you on the ass, you too used to swallowing shit. Listen to "Let Nas Down" and find out real quick why Cole ain't sell out like the rest of these wack ass niggas you listen to.

  • bon lokeyy

    j.cole horrible join the campaign

  • Peter Li

    danny brown is wack as fuck lol......watched him live and he was boring

  • EMNLx

    is this nigga kendrick lamar gonna be in every anticipated album of 2013??

  • http://twitter.com/iSkeptic TonyTooCool

    kanye will outsell him if he releases an album of him farting. no surprise there. i feel u on the rest tho

  • Com_Truise

    Au contraire monsieur. The fact that basically everyone is listening to Kendrick Lamar proves that fans DO "appreciate a nigga who spits real lyrics that apply to most people".
    Yeah Cole's lyrics are good, but in the end it is still music, so catchyness does play a relevant role.