Jay-Z – 100$ Bill (Full Version)

Well, we received a snippet, and then heard it in the new trailer. And now, the powers that be have dropped off the full version for Jay-Z's anticipated "100$ Bill" track. The cut will of course be highlighted on the upcoming soundtrack for The Great Gatsby, which will be arriving on May 7. The movie then hits theaters on May 10. Yeah, we're pretty stoked on both. Will you be buying the project and seeing the film?

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Hip hop / May 2, 2013 / 15697 Views
  • http://www.facebook.com/FVCKWILLIAM William Jenkins

    2nd Verse, YES

  • sean corey

    Some movies just don't go with Hip Hop. I found it kinda corny how they had rick ross in Django soundtrack, don't get me wrong i love Hip hop. But "The Great Gatsby" in my opinion should have a better soundtrack.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MRAEROCOLOKING Christian Andres Franco

    this movie looks too classy for a hiphop soundtrack.

  • Sean

    Horrible song, Jay-Z was never the best rapper alive.

  • Carlo

    there is rap and there is hiphop. don't get it twisted. this actually works with the decadent theme of the movie.

  • SI

    Although I respect your opinion and understand your side, I have to disagree with you on this one. I think "Black Coffins" was awesome in Django. It was a very unique song for the movie that went very well with the unique cinematographic style of Quentin Tarantino. With "The Great Gatsby," I think the soundtrack will go great with the movie. If you look at the director's past work (Baz Luhrmann - "Moulin Rouge," "Australia," "Romeo + Juliet") it is all very much oriented on music. I don't doubt his capability of making a great movie with a well implemented soundtrack.

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  • mike

    Jay-z spits fire once again!!!

  • mike

    Guess u dont know good music when u here it!!!

  • Sean

    This song will be forgotten soon.

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  • cmonnn ITS AMERICA

    but the $ goes BEFORE the 100!!!!

  • f u idiot fuck shit tits

    Django was awesome and so was 100 Black Coffins

    Dont take it too seriously bruh

  • Unknwn

    I agree with you, plus tarantino is known for mixing it up. think about it the scene was so ill dont you ask yourself damn if rick ross was playing in the background it would compliment the scene so much more. Its part of the art of cinematography. Big Ups to Si well said.

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  • Jimsie

    i agree that hip hop doesnt really belong in period pieces such as Great Gatsby, but saw a short interview with the director talking about how at the time Jazz was cutting edge and rebellious (which it clearly no longer is) so the equivalent of that today is hip hop. That made sense to me and is sound reasoning.

  • MechaZain

    After hearing this I get what they're going for though. Gatsby just seems classy because it's old. It's really about excess for excess's sake and what comes with that. That mentality is 100% hip hop right now.

  • fuck you.

    hey 'you idiot.'

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  • you are also an idiot.

    sounds good moron. fuck off.