J. Cole – N***az Know

As we're less than a month away from the release of his sophomore LP Born Sinner, J. Cole debuts a brand new single "N***az Know." Taking to his Twitter, Cole drops off the soulful song for the masses, as usual delivers yet another quality track. Recently revealing that his upcoming album is set to include features from Miguel, TLC and other non-rappers, Cole is looking to take on both Kanye West and Mac Miller, when all three emcees drop off the summer albums. Is Cole building up a solid case to take the crown on June 18? Check out the song down below and let us know what you think. For those interested in grabbing their pre-orders of Born Sinner, be sure to do so now by clicking here.

By: Richard Brooks / Hip hop / May 31, 2013 / 9081 Views
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  • Ksmith

    Ok Cole.

  • http://twitter.com/VitoBeats VitoMaserati

    cole world!!! BUY SOME BEATS YALL!!! http://www.myflashstore.net/profile/VitoMaserati

  • Haco


  • atmo

    i believe im in the minority, but almost all of cole's drops have just been unimpressive and just all sounds the same now. like im aware of the high level of lyricism but i can only listen to his songs one time anymore is mind-numbing monotony.

  • IBM

    I think he needs better mastering or something but he aiite with me.

  • Really?

    I somewhat feel you [pause].

    But iz you puttin' Power Trip's drop in that "unimpressive" category, doe?

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  • LOL

    Oh, hey whattup Cole. Biggie called.....

  • jr23

    All sounds the same? Miss America sounds nothing like Power Trip. And both of those drops sound nothing like this. On top of that, compare these to his other recent drops. Songs such as Head Bussa, Chris Tucker, 3 Wishes, Can I Holla At Cha, Tears for ODB, etc. You're entitled to your own opinion because music is subjective and if you find his music dry, than thats all you. But, they do not sound the same.

  • black hippy

    i like this...

  • atmo

    like i said i'm fully aware i'm in the minority with that statement. but in regards to the clear evidence that his songs don't sound the same i'm forced to rephrase my statement, if i put on a solely j.cole playlist after about 4 tracks it all just sounds like the same shit different beat, not that any singular track as a whole is bad it's just i can't bump it in heavy rotation like i could with friday night lights and the warmup, it doesn't feel new it doesn't feel different just more of the same.

    i know j.cole makes quality music i just can't funk with it anymore.

  • atmo

    any track with miguel is not included in my feels because i've always felt that miguel brings out the best in cole.

  • Choriso

    yawn... u r the same negroe ... same song over and over again, same tired ass sampled beats, same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same same... rapping ass beat maker nigga

  • Greg Harris

    He definitely has a certain sound that carries across each track but I wouldn't call it monotony. I definitely see where you are coming from though.

  • Young Kwayso

    My Player in 2k13 is J.Cole, never lost a game!

  • mp

    i like. can't wait. love the sound.

  • Peter Li

    his rhyme scheme on the first 8 bars were INSANE

  • http://www.foruseinmoderation.com/ wolf_mccloud

    was expecting something more experimental/fresher in production like power trip but i fux w/ this. still feels like a mixtape song tho, and i enjoyed cole summer + head bussa a lot more but it who knows, it may grow on me.

  • faggot

    atmo youre a faggot

  • fuck gay cole

    man this shit sucks. its so damn boring.

  • JewBoy

    Biggie x Casey Veggies

  • young_ricky

    rap rap rappity rap rap rap

  • Brandon Amster

    Im on my chill

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000139160343 Bo Bun

    'cause he stole pretty much half those lines..

  • idk

    That nigga never even knew ODB tho

  • waitwhat

    YUNG EEYORE pays so much homage that he thinks that cats will over look the fact that he bites so much lyrics. I mean recycles lyrics..

  • W0rdsInHipH0p

    Finally Cole has people criticizing him in the comments and some haters, now he can really blow up

  • Vintvgx

    word is bond, i know what you saying, these niggas listen to the rhythm, me and you listen to RAP. the beat aint anything if the lyrics aint keeping the listener captivated.

  • MaLLy

    I was thinking the same thing is that he doesn't use much vocal effects or his final songs sound very dry or there isn't much to his sessions or something... I am starting to like Cole's music especially after his web series and some of the interviews he has done but something seems to be missing every so once in awhile. I think Cole will be around for awhile because he isn't gimmicky and just speaks his mind.. I don't know I am rooting for him to stick around, and he is cool with me too.

  • Odweezy

    Proof or stfu.

  • http://twitter.com/DMVFOLLOWUS FOLLOWUSDMV

    Biggie! "Notorious thugs" the whole flow pattern.







  • Raj

    You don't think he realized that?.......

  • Raj

    That's the point you twat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000139160343 Bo Bun

    you're a fucking idiot.

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