UPDATE: Drake’s Dad Reveals ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Tracklist & Release Date?

It looks like someone has let the cat out of the bag in regards to Drake's upcoming album Nothing Was The Same, and that someone is none other than Drizzy's own dad, Dennis Graham. Taking to his Instagram earlier today, Graham shared a photo of what looks to be the upcoming tracklist for his son's sophomore LP, including feature and production credits. The picture has since been removed from his profile, but being that this is the internet, we were still able to retrieve it for those who may have missed out. Set to include features from the likes of Jay-Z, Future, A$AP Rocky, PARTYNEXTDOORJustin Timberlake and his Young Money family, Drake's upcoming album looks like it will mainly be produced by his in-house producer Noah "40" Shebib, who also gets some assistance from Swizz Beatz, Mike Zombie, Timbaland, Boi-1da, James Blake, B!nk, Just Blaze and Clams Casino. Following a user's comment inquiring about release date information, Drake's dad went on to respond saying, "August 27th," but reports have gone on to say that the whole situation could be hoax. Either way, give the supposed tracklist a view up above and let us know what think.

UPDATE: Elliott Wilson sent out following tweet stating that the news was fake. And if Drake retweeting this is any indicator, we can assume that Mr. Wilson is right.


By: Richard Brooks / News / May 28, 2013 / 21324 Views / Source: SoulCulture
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  • realrealreal

    Where is 5am in Toronto? That was a fucking dope song. Same with Girls Love Beyonce. I I guess the album is on another level. Glad he doesn't fuck with the weeknd anymore.


    where's "5AM in Toronto"?

    still waiting on Drake to leave Wayne off an album.

  • truth

    Dude, don't be a douche. I know it's cool to hate lil wayne or whatever, but damn. 1. He used to be one of the best rappers, and if you tell me otherwise you're lying. 2. He gave Drake his chance. He is everything to him.
    I know that doesn't mean he's gotta be on every album, and one time it might happen. But for you to expect that, as if it's owed to you, or as if Drake should just bite the hand that fed him because hypetrak doesn't fuck with lil wayne, then you're fucked up. How quickly yall forget... or did you ever know?


    i didn't have any intention on being a douche, so i'm sorry if it came across that way.

    with each album Drake has dropped, Lil Wayne has contributed diminishing bars. i completely acknowledge that Wayne was, at one point, one of the better rappers in the game. now? not so much.

    in regards to Lil Wayne giving Drake a chance, I can understand why Drake would feel obligated to include Wayne on every go-round, but the same could be said about the relationship between Kanye and Jay-Z. Even with Jay-Z being a much better rapper, Kanye doesn't feel the need to put Jay-Z on a track on every album. That doesn't make Kanye an ingrate, does it?

    my bad for "expecting" Drake to leave Wayne off an album. his album, not mine, right? biting the hand that fed him would be leaving YMCMB, and Drake has stated time and time again, that he has no intention on leaving the label any time soon. money in Wayne's pocket goes a lot farther than a feature on one of the last tracks on the album.

  • LyricallyHB

    Drake already stated "Girls Love Beyonce" and "5AM In Toronto" won't be on the album, so don't expect them to be

  • Bigsleep2315

    Features features features.....
    That's all these dudes are about. That whole little no new friends clique is the features crew

  • http://tamoorc.com/ Tamoor Chaudhry

    Drake retweeted Elliot Wilson saying the tracklist isn't real.
    Is this true?

  • Joe

    Regardless.. anything 40 touches will be great.

  • ugh

    It looks so real though. 5am and beyonce are not on it, people performing at ovo fest are on it, ymcmb people are on it, people he fucks with are on it, all checks out. A fake would probably have the weeknd on it because the person making it probably wouldn't know that they're through working together. August 27th also makes sense. It's a tuesday, and it's a couple weeks after ovo fest. And posted by his dad? I'm pretty sure drake only retweeted because he thought it was funny. I'd be really surprised if this wasn't totally real.

  • SUIT UP!

    holy shit

  • http://tamoorc.com/ Tamoor Chaudhry

    hmm yeah makes sense. thanks.

  • http://tamoorc.com/ Tamoor Chaudhry

    Drake & asap on a clams beat? im excited

  • AM

    Definitely his junior and not sophomore LP

  • Haco

    Frank Ocean collabo? Why Frankie boy?

  • Haco

    Just one song with a feature of Young Money?

  • Haco

    Shut up

  • Drake


  • Drake

    It's all real except for the Aaliyah features on (hopefully) 3 tracks

    *fingers crossed they get passed*

    Each night I spend an hour bowing before an Aaliyah shrine I have in my closet. Hopefully they realize how serious I am about my love.

    ~Nothing Was The Same~

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