Diplo Reviews Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’

Never one to shy away from sharing his own opinion, Diplo took to Twitter to unveil his thoughts on Daft Punk's 2013 opus Random Access Memories. Have a read through his words where he states that his favorite song is the Panda Bear collaboration "Doin' It Right," that the album makes him dislike Los Angeles and that "Instant Crush" would sound better with Mark Wahlberg's Boogie Nights character Dirk Diggler and more.

"This daft punk album would probably be really good to take drugs and listen to on a rainy bridge across the gulf of mexico but I dnt know ... Reminds me of when I was 19 really high and listened to kid a over and over again but I don't know if yung kids will get It ... I think the song with julian casablancas would be better with marky mark walbergs character from boogie nights doing the vocals ... The song with todd edwards makes me feel like I'm alone at waffle house and the jukebox is broken and only micheal mcdonald plays out of it .......When Giorgio Moroder made songs he wasn't thinking about it intellectually he was jus doin it...This album makes me not like LA now I jus wanna hang out with mexican kids and tag ur car...Motherboard sounds like a coked up austrian guy working on chariots of fire soundtrack then got fired but I fuck with it....The song with paul williams needs more sidechain and less ragtime barbershop quartet."

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / May 15, 2013 / 12796 Views / Source: Pitchfork
  • G

    This album was garbage...every song sounds like it belongs in a 70's porn flick. Apart from a couple decent songs like Doin it right and Lose yourself to dance, the entire album is the same shit...

  • guest

    diplo came thru with that one dislike

  • guest

    German Engineers are gay as fuck

  • guest

    they prolly bought a pair of raybans becuz of pharrell n then the track came out. n they all hopped on daft punks helmet

  • http://www.facebook.com/kblamberton Kiley Lamberton

    Who is Diplo? Lol

  • LoL


  • Ava Penner

    Instant Crush was supposed to have that Strokes-ish feel, and it does. Anyone besides Julian would completely throw the whole track off.

  • daFrog

    I agree he should not be telling Daft Punk how to make their album, which I believe is conceptually beautiful even if I only find half the tracks truly compelling.
    But in Diplo's defense, he's not your average 'trance dj', he doesn't even produce trance. He's been on the cutting edge of dance music for some time now, a prolific producer of new sounds of bass and funky dance music, and a mentor to many up-and-coming talents (including Dillon Francis, Sinden, and Djemba Djemba) he picks from around the world to be on his renowned Mad Decent label. So while he's not quite Daft Punk's level of veteran status, he deserves a bit more respect. And its obvious he wrote this post with a healthy dose of irony and humor.
    If you're interested in getting an idea of his musical scope beyond Major Lazer and Snoop Lion productions, check Must Be a Devil (funky house), About that Life (alternative), and his remix of Techno Fan by the Wombats (electro-house).

  • daFrog

    This follow-up letter by Diplo is worth reading for anyone who took this review too seriously... or just anyone cause it's funny and interesting. He did enjoy the album, just fyi.

  • ehowders

    DP's new album is amazing:) I'm in love with their new vid for 'Unboxing.'


  • Butthurt


  • Fat Punk

    I dunno, I didn't really see his comments as bashing RAM, just kinda describing how the songs make him feel, too many ppl butthurt over an opinion. Anyways, RAM was more good than it was enjoyable if that makes sense.

  • Vitalitasia

    Ok lets break it down for all you retards commenting here. RAM is a peice of shit and you are all like sheep sucking up all of the marketing crap they have attacked you with about RAM being revolutionary and a daft punk being "true" to their music blah blah blah blah.

    Its fucking elevator music, the kind of music you would listen to when you are on hold on the phone, music you would play at a kiddies disco. What exactly is revolutionary about it then all you fans? The fact that they made a lame lounge funk album that wouldnt have even got any air time back when funk and disco was in fashion, with a bunch of commercial dick heads? wow revolutionary.

    The weirdest thing is that all the people who like RAM dont seem to like electronic music? Are you guys smoking crack? Did you miss what the discovery album did for all its fans? No because you never really were a fan of them before and didnt even know about them until they came out with their retarded soundtrack for a Disney movie.

    Shame on Daft Punk for creating one of the best albums of all time, amazing music videos then dissapearing only to do a tour here and there and come out with nothing of any substance for 12 years. After Discovery they never gave a fuck anymore - they sold out making a shitty soundtrack for disney and then their manager said to them - you know what - we can sell out even more - lets get a load of commercial dick heads together and they will make most of the music, so you dont have to stress, and well create a POP album that the retarded masses will like rather than your fans. It'll get plaid every day on the radio and everyone will be humming your shit "get lucky" nursery rhyme crap. What about our fans though, wont they be expecting something amazing finally? Dont worry we will just spend a shit load of cash convincing them that its amazing before it has even come out and then everyone will be so confused it wont matter.

    For those slagging off Diplo and electronic music and "trance djs" you need to have a strong look at yourselves and your past - your parents said the same shit about your rock music when they couldn't understand you and your friends hanging out in black leather with your guitars tatooing each other. You sound like the typical soul/jazz musician who blames djs, machines and everyone else but themselves for the downfall of their genre rather than trying to forge a new sound and take advantage of the sonic possibilities that electronic synthesis, sampling and effects offers the world.

    Its a peice of shit album and you are all stupid for buying the millions of dollars of advertising they have spent convincing you that it is revolutionary.

  • disqus_pdC8to3ETa

    Says the dude whose songs have an identity crisis

  • Big Bobbby

    This album is the worst album Daft Punk has ever created. This shit is pop.

    Albums like Discovery and Human after all, is really some piece of electronic art. And putting a vocal on like Pharrel is just so shitty. I know They can change their style as they grow older, but this is just lame.

  • Human After All

    The album is still shit, I have been listeneing to Daft Punk since Discovery

  • Joseph

    I've been listening to Daft Punk years back, and I have to admit, this album sucks. I am a huge fan but this doesn't do it for me. My favorite album is Discovery. It just does not meet up to what they used to be. Now, they people who like this album and have only listened to daft punk since R.A.M came out and saying other people are cunts and wankers for saying this album's shit, piss off. You're not a real Daft Punk fan.

  • Joseph

    May I buy you a fucking drink sir? Well said.

  • ElectricPrism

    I cried when I heard their new album because of how terrible it was and how they disowned their origins and genre. But then again there was a 12 year gap between the awesomeness of Discovery and Random Access Memories trash.