Pharrell Performs Daft Punk Collab “Get Lucky” for the First Time

Hitting the stage at HTC’s One launch party this evening, Pharrell surprised fans by performing his brand new Daft Punk collaborative track, "Get Lucky," for the first time, live. Hosted at the House of Vans in Brooklyn, Pharrell also treated fans to a new reggae-inspired single that he produced for Busta Rhymes, called “Twerk It.” Taking a page out the Jay-Z/Kanye West performance guide, P performed "Get Lucky" three times in a row for those in attendance. Up above, you can check out a recording of the performance. "Get Lucky" is out now on iTunes, and you can purchase your copy now by clicking here.

By: Richard Brooks / Live / April 20, 2013 / 19436 Views
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  • Word

    that was wonderfully done

  • Brandon Polack

    fuck that, that was bullshit that no one was into what was going on, probably 10 out of 500 people that were there were actually singing

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  • deydontkno

    lol driest crowd

  • general maccarthur

    i fucking hate it when people video tape the concert.

  • general maccarthur

    niggas only know how to dance to dubstep.

    they lost.

    plus HTC owners are kooks.

  • general maccarthur

    oh fuck. i saw an iphone.

    phone owners are kooks.

  • Cloucloud

    I love the song, but what's the use of singing over the actual studio song? An instrumental version could have done, but this is totally ridiculous.

  • Cloucloud

    And yay! A guy is DJing from his computer. Man, he's just playing the mp3 from its Itunes :/

  • Ollie England

    that's how new it is...

  • cherry

    somebody wanted to steal his fitted. lol. shame people. shame

  • Cloucloud

    Sure it is new and it is cool to play it for the people there. But the vision of Pharrell singing over a playback... It is kind of cheap and I don't believe it serves the promotion of the song.

  • Agostina

    Wo. No one was having that much fun.

  • deputystain

    Liv Martez ft Fleaux - Pregame
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Vocal Coach

    pharrell can't even sing that shit live. listen properly you'll hear that he's even struggling on the recorded version. this song is really out of his range. some of the lines are borderline falsetto, he can't hit them notes.

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  • Steve Jones

    you're broke. P's on a song with DAFT PUNK YOU BROKE ASS MAMAS BOY!

  • Steve Jones Wants D

    You are riding dick like a pro.

  • magga

    THAT DJ IS KILLIN IT ON THE 1s N 2s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #SERATOFACE

  • Real Dude

    seriously shut up lol "You're broke" as if only other rich musicians are allowed to dislike famous musicians

  • piercekrichmar

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  • Orlando Juarez-Vitela

    P does this this all the time... all the time. Go listen to Nothing.

  • Hi

    I was in the front. It was really crowded. There wasnt mush room to "get into it".
    However, EVERYONE was chanting the lyrics. Don't bash this performance, it was amazing.

  • anon

    I was actually one of the people in the crowd, I can even point myself out in the video. Being there and watching it through youtube is a different experience. A lot of hate for him lip syncing.

  • gossipfolk

    obviously you've never listened to 'beautiful'

  • bella_alexandrovna

    yeap! i really like it!