Lunice featuring Flatbush Zombies & Mykki Blanco – Boiler Room Mix (Live at SXSW)

Following the success of his TNGHT project alongside Hudson Mohawke, Lunice has been in high demand to grace venues all over the world. While out at SXSW, the Montreal DJ put on a 45-minute performance at a warehouse presented by Ray-Ban and Boiler Room complete with bass-knocking trap favorites. Also getting some additional assistance from Flatbush Zombies (26:45) and Mykki Blanco (17:00), who both performed their select tracks respectively, you can check out the full live mix up above.

Photography by: Amor Fati

By: Richard Brooks / Live / April 6, 2013 / 3263 Views / Source: ILLROOTS
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  • Swagpuffs

    I'm pretty sure all of Lunice's sets are just the same 30 songs but in a different order but im 100% okay with that

  • bl

    the intro is cringy

  • eindbaas

    The guy just likes Kanye. This trap set is nothing like his hiphop sets.

  • shelbypanayotou

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  • Tali Rosenberg

    this is GREAT

  • SMH

    Nothing worse than a DJ who wants to be a rockstar

  • Yung Don

    Lunice is the best DJ out now

  • Eric Bronson

    seen him live a few times, pretty entertaining.

  • Daniel Brown

    @38 mins...never gets old

  • John Adams

    Who is the super awkwardly hot girl on the left? and why is she there? lol

  • Tipp

    Raven Mayagi