Japanther – Stolen Flowers

A cross between art project and punk band, Brooklyn's Japanther has made a name for itself on the strength of its one-of-a-kind shows, including, but certainly not limited to, performances alongside giant dinosaurs, marionettes and BMX riders. Apart from their always surprising acts, the duo, which was founded in 2001 and consists of Ian Vaney and Matt Reilly, also makes good, old-fashioned noise rock. With the release of their next album, Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart, set to be released next month, Japanther has gotten the ball rolling with the first single, "Stolen Flowers." As usual, crunchy, raw guitars drive along the pop-punkish song. Topped with lyrics and vocals channeling punk favorites like The Descendents, "Stolen Flowers" is an upbeat tune that captures Japanther's style perfectly. Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart is out May 21, but you can stream the track below courtesy of Stereogum.