Clams Casino & DOOM – Bookfiend

Yes, you are reading correctly. A collaboration between Clams Casino and DOOM has come to fruition. The track is called "Bookfiend" and is featured on an upcoming new DOOM project on Lex Records. While details have yet to be revealed, it is good to hear the enigmatic emcee's rhymes and flow over a typical Clams Casino production. Enjoy!

By: Petar Kujundzic / Hip hop / April 29, 2013 / 6282 Views
  • bruh.

    how the fuck.

  • SDJJ

    this is one of clams best beats imo

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  • nutmeg

    I'm not even trying to get pinched I know I'm dreaming.

  • ehh

    I thought this was really underwhelming. I want to love it, but I really do not.

  • wolf_mccloud

    funny thing is i was speaking to my homie about wanting to hear some new clams w/ a rapper on it today and this dropped. i fux w/ this beat. doom sounds tired tho.

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  • Erik

    ..could this be so boring

  • indend

    Get Lil B back on a clams casino beat.....Basedgod!
    this was kinda boring, he sounds really tired

  • MotolFongors

    DOOM sounds better on more classic style hip-hop production, I think..

  • badpopcodotuk

    This is what happens when you write to one beat and record it over another, shit sounds sloppy

  • wah

    everyone on this site is a lil bitch, this is ill

  • boron

    Answer to the riddle, more hidden than a crook. Only way you'll find it if he'll spit it on a hook.

  • michelle obama

    i most definitely respect him, but i have always found clams a bit overrated. i really don't find his beats all that amazing, that super slow deep sound isn't for me really or for most rappers. JUST GIVE ME MADVILLAINY 2 PLEASE, i will literally take a bullet for this album to come out.

  • i am a lame


  • factormax

    your dreams usually involve hypetrak posts?

  • knowledge

    You're ignorant. MF DOOM is the production name. DOOM is the rap name.