Tyler, the Creator Directs and Stars in New Commercial for Mountain Dew

With his sophomore album Wolf set to hit shelves in a few weeks, Tyler, the Creator somehow still finds time to lend his visual creativity to Mountain Dew with their latest commercial. Directed by and starring the Odd Future frontman under his Felicia the Goat alias, the 30-second advertisement clip is a humorous one, as co-star Errol Chatham and his date observe the goat's wild antics. The commercial is set to be a part of an ongoing series so stay tuned to see what else this goat gets itself in to.

By: Richard Brooks / News / March 19, 2013 / 3317 Views
  • Ben

    It's ridiculous how far talentless jokes can go nowadays as a result of social media hype

  • Tyler

    I hate Bruno Mars too man.

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  • halezaidi17vi

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  • truth

    if you know tyler you know thats his shtick. Hes been the same guy from day one, let him do what he does best, have fun and make shit he likes, it works for him

  • FuckSpam

    omg how do i make this money? i just quit my job so i can do this. Where do i sign up? can i partner?


    yeah but its not funny

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZS6X2A6QLYQRPGSICXV4UVDL4I Lifted


  • http://profiles.google.com/actionbastardehc Eric Richardson

    Shoulda never gave you niggas money

  • http://profiles.google.com/actionbastardehc Eric Richardson

    I personally found it hilarious, but we should definitely accept a statement from STANKPUSS as a fact.

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    made me laugh you serious ass nigga

  • nonde hai

    NONDE HAI!!!!!!

  • GayPigeonPigeonMcPigeonDeath

    I love the word 'sophomore'. It's just an unnecessarily posh word for 'second' only used by music journalists. I've never heard a human being in my life go "dude this sophomore effort it tight! some of THE most sophomoriest shit I ever heard! One of my favourite sophomore albums of ALL TIME"

  • http://twitter.com/iLikeGirlsDaily i Like Girls Daily

    fake bullshit

  • http://twitter.com/iLikeGirlsDaily i Like Girls Daily

    Mm, show us what you have done recently, so we can compare. No, thought not.

  • Le Fondre

    If you found this hilarious, then i feel sorry for your sense of humour.

  • Mayer Wolfsheim

    In this world, there are parasites and there are innovators. The pursuit of money is a grotesque end. Those individuals that set out to only accumulate money have a distorted view of the world. Money is a mere by-product of one's success, one's ambition and one's ability. The true innovators in this world never set out to make money; the earning of it was merely incidental. They were driven by a romantic ideal. They had a conception of how the world ought to look like, and devoted their life to shaping the world around their vision.

    Get money? I've got money. But it's a truism. My value is not derived from the money I have; it's derived from the dreams that I follow.

    Let's do this.




    We hate you.

  • Rak

    Youre white.

  • yeaokaywahtevr

    yeah, but it's the internet. you can say whatever you want with zero consequences. watch: NIGGER!

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