Snoop Lion featuring Drake & Cori B. (Snoop’s Daughter) – No Guns Allowed

Before its April 2 release, Snoop Lion returns with a new track from his anticipated island-friendly album, Reincarnated. The veteran artist has brought along his daughter Cori B. this time around, as she showcases her vocals throughout the anti-violence track, aptly dubbed "No Guns Allowed." Young Money golden child, Drake, also joins in on the collaborative effort, spitting a few bars over-top the production, courtesy of Major Lazer, Ariel Rechtshaid and Dre Skull. So while we await the drop-off of Reincarnated, enjoy this latest delivery below. Thoughts?

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Alternative / March 20, 2013 / 4113 Views
  • Leo Le Ster

    Sampled Beirut - Nantes

  • Wtf snoop

    stop this garbage ... snoop you're not jamaican .... stop the nonsense ....

  • stellarsuz

    After watching the reincarnated film screening yesterday at the LA film school academy, I really got a sense of appreciation of why he's turning to this Rastafarian path. He's 40 something years old!! It's inevitable he's going to get tired of slapping bitches and turning up all the time. Give it a rest, he's doing something positive here.

  • maikel

    No need to waste my time on this then, thank you

  • soflynolie

    Decent production of the track actually-- the chorus is autotuned to hell tho...

  • Bird

    It'd be funny if Snoop Dogg's daughter would be Snoop Bitch

  • john mayer

    dude, too far....

  • Señor Inkognitó

    Is it me or is Drake heavily offbeat?!

  • uhkayy

    You sound surprised. Do you know who Diplo is?

  • Lifted

    came for drake, stayed for drake. good job drake, this another song that sound like drake featuring drake. drake is the best. drake

  • Zach

    Drake shoulda sang, he seemed really off beat, other than that, I thought it was really beautiful honestly.

  • eeeee

    even John Mayer thought you were crossing the line.
    Dont h8

  • allbeefpattie

    At least give Bierut props for using their song shit

  • mr. suede

    yeah drake was on one... but he shouldn't been on this one with snoop lion tho... his message was cool but his flow was so wrong... so wrong

  • Da Blee

    wait... is this Mike Posner - Long Time? google that...

  • hollerbach

    did the beat remind anyone else of long time by mike posner?

  • Ed Bozik

    beirut in my mouthhhhh


    Drake killed this shit! wtf are people talking about???

  • Dan Fratoni

    Cool to see Snoop's transformation. His "Lighters Up" video is just a small bit of anticipation to this new image.

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