Sir Michael Rocks – Money Came

In anticipation of his upcoming project Banco, Chicago's Sir Michael Rocks unleashes his latest audio joint, "Money Came," to the masses. While the hoo Jackson-produced track did not make the final Banco cut, it sure delivers sufficient indicators of his flow and lyrical capabilities. Tune in below!

By: Petar Kujundzic / Hip hop / March 6, 2013 / 1982 Views

    still my nigga


    Like does this guy have fans? What is his goal in life?
    Must be weird waking up every morning and being like "Nice. Can't wait to make more of the same exact pointless, unfocused, uninspiring, cliche music that I've been making everyday for the past 3 years"

  • Real Shit

    He probably says the same thing about bloggers hating on his shit. haaaaaaa.

  • guest

    i like mikey but i like mikey and chuck more

  • Goose

    "What is his goal in life?" .....are you his fucking dad brah? Get outta here with that shit