Pharrell to Appear On Daft Punk’s New Album?

Yesterday, we received the unfortunate news that Daft Punk will not be performing at Coachella next month, dismissing the much-talked-about rumor that they would be. There's still plenty for fans of the heralded electronic group to look forward to, though. After finally receiving a title for the new Daft Punk album and solid information on its release the other day, the hype for Random Access Memories is at an all time high and anticipation is building with every new bit revealed about it. This new piece of info should be no exception. Swirling around the interwebs today is word that one of the featured artists on the LP will be none other than Pharrell, who apparently will have vocals on three songs. This is believed to be factual since acclaimed Daft Punk collaborator Nile Rodgers tweeted the link to its source, but we do not have 100% confirmation of its validity quite yet. Stay tuned!

By: Matt Morris / News / March 28, 2013 / 2357 Views
  • maikel

    YES!! i hope this is true. this is gonna be E P I C

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  • jon lou

    unfortunate news? mannn next month's coachella line up is horrible. thank god their not performing there.

  • Jabjal

    I wonder how many people understand how much of a problem this album will be with Nile Rodgers involved much less Pharrell

  • Chessir.

    Hypnotize You Pt. 2? sike.

  • Ross CMR

    Daft Punk + Pharrell would be awesome! Im not waiting to find out if its true. just pre orderd mt copy here: