KiD CuDi Previews “Pretty Girls” at SXSW

During tonight's SXSW VEVO after party, KiD CuDi surprised fans in the audience and went on to preview a new tune, titled "Pretty Girls," which will feature a verse from Too $hort, off his upcoming album, Indicud. Sporting a new bald hairstyle, CuDi first shared an acapella of his verse during Myspace's “Secret” concert, and now he shares the track in its entirety. In addition to the new verse, a Billboard editor went on to share some additional information on the upcoming album, going on to tweet out the following:

Check out the fan-captured clip previewing the tune up above, and be sure to keep an eye for the full track to surface sometime soon. Indicud is set to drop April 23.

By: Richard Brooks / Live / March 16, 2013 / 10610 Views / Source: DDotOmen
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  • gawdddddddd

    i can't seem to hate on this dude. remembering his previous albums he's still the man.

  • Tommy Elbow

    Kendrick Perkins?

  • Guest

    shut up bitch.

  • jewtang

    ya bish*

  • hmmmm

    Cudi is my fav artist

  • emeldastarr79ma

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  • brah

    Damn dude, he's pretty terrible now IMO. His verse on Cruel Summer pretty much sums it up.

    "Oh yeah my dude
    Get it riiight
    If ya know what I mean
    My duuuude"

    I mean... Really?


    there is a special place in HELL for people like you & your roomate's half-sister

  • CaughtYouSlippinBoi

    Cudi had one of the best songs on Cruel Summer, fuck outta here

  • lil byrdman

    really... michael bolton really

  • Guest

    give dude a break he's going through lots of shit. he's really growing more into himself now with his music. takes time to master..the songs not thatttttt bad.

  • John Hamilton

    If you go past that ignorant literal bullshit that your judgement be on you'll quickly realize the greatness that is Cudi

  • right?

    dat voice tho..

  • brah

    lol, if getting handed loads of great beats and filling them with terrible verses = greatness I'll pass.

  • Immortaaaaaal

    Dude, i'm addicted to him.

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