HYPETRAK TV: Woodkid – Running Man

Twenty-nine-year-old French video director/singer/songwriter Yoann Lemoine, better known as Woodkid, has made his vocation to fuse sound and vision and morph both elements into a multi-sensual experience. Prominent recording artists such as Drake, Lana Del Rey and Katy Perry have entrusted him to visually interpret their respective singles. However, it was his very own music clips ("Iron," "Run Boy Run") that kept the music industry talking and also resuming the discussion of today's importance of video directors. Releasing his highly anticipated debut album, The Golden Age, next week (March 18), Lemoine offers a musical recap of everything that has influenced him, sounds, texts and visuals. Accordingly, we met up with Lemoine in his apartment in Brooklyn and discussed The Golden Age, the role of music videos within the music industry, the difficulties of being an artist/director, and much more.

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Interview: Davis Huynh
Video: Paul Tamayo


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