Frank Ocean Sued Over “Lost” Production Credit

Frank Ocean has been hit with a lawsuit over his song "Lost." Songwriter/producer Micah Otano filed a lawsuit claiming that he was neither credited nor compensated for his co-production of the channel.ORANGE-cut, which originally titled "Daylight." Along with Frank Ocean, the lawsuit also names producer Malay, Island Def Jam and Universal. Otano states that producer Malay directly copied “Daylight,” and turned it into “Lost.” However, Otano did receive songwriting credit on "Lost." You can see a full copy of the lawsuit over at

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / March 9, 2013 / 4798 Views
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  • Gabriel Kao

    Frank should pay his producers. Not like he beat Frank up and had his posse call him a fag, word to Bitch Breezy.

  • stank

    he's credited in the booklet though.

  • obi-bashtin

    i always wondered, do you sue the rapper or the record label because i can't imagine artists filling paper work all day. It must be someone's job in the label to take care of the wages payable.

  • Jabjal

    I a;ways figured they sued so the label knows its real, then they just settle out of court.

  • Brendan Gilhooly

    I'm pretty sure that this is a case of-
    Def Jam has one producer make a beat with another producer
    Def Jam takes advantage of the way their contracts are structured, and credits only one producer with production credit, so that the label can rake in a greater % of profits.
    Frank Ocean found a beat he liked and used it.
    Somebody's lawyer told the Producer who got screwed to sue the label.
    The Label wants to blame the producer they pressured into messing with the credits
    The Label also wants to shift a little bit of the blame onto the artist they probably asked to use the beat.
    And now Hypebeast wants to make money off it with a sensationalist headline.

  • Eric

    Can I make some money too?

  • mr. suede

    NO Frank... Damn thought you learned from the last 2x time.... he wrote the 'Thinking About You' for Roc Nations Bridgette Kelly and then decided to keep the song when he realized how good the song turned out and then said wanted to keep it... so when he leaked his version he was sued... and everybody know what happened with the 'American Wedding' song.... Bad Practices By New Artists It happened to Drake, Wiz, ASAP & J. Cole, but shit 3x time this happened to frank in one years time