Danny Brown – #HottestMC

Every year MTV takes the liberty of crowning who they deem are the top 10 emcees, and almost always, there's a plethora of commentary that follows. A$AP Rocky went on record to say he wasn't too happy with his #8 spot, while Kanye West called into HOT 97 to express his opposing #7 spot and even went onto say Lil Wayne should be #1. Just when you thought things couldn't get more intriguing, Danny Brown took to Twitter and shouted "F*ck a top 10 list ... n*gga im the Greatest Rapper Ever" and dropped a new song produced by Harry Fraud he's calling "#HottestMC" to address the game, tune in below.

By: Davis Huynh / Hip hop / March 6, 2013 / 6315 Views
  • George Skylark

    No yo are not.

  • BET MTV Comedy

    MTV is trolling everyone. They don't even play music anymore ... They know rappers are sensitive about these kind of topics.

  • Bendik Blix

    Fuck you! Danny kills them all

  • Odweezy

    The only thing Danny Brown kills is my faith in humanity.

  • Elko

    Fucking EVERYBODY else in the game with this left-field shit. Danny Brown killing 'em.

  • DJ

    Fraud shoulda gave this beat to someone else

  • http://twitter.com/pyt_dgaf Ρusha P

    danny brown sounds so strange here

  • http://twitter.com/groundmedia ground

    he just in his apartment late at night with a cold

  • haw haw

    this shit is beautiful

  • Bada$$

    i dont see why every thinks danny brown is so could, he sounds like a dumbass and has pretty bad flow, joey bada$$ is where it's at

  • Bada$$


  • fail

  • Aamir

    So interesting how split people are on Danny Brown, but regardless, he's irrefutably talented.