Pusha T featuring Rick Ross – Millions

With his current mixtape offering Wraith of Caine still going strong, Pusha T shares the official clip to his Rick Ross-powered single "Millions." As the title indicates, King Push is putting in some serious work alongside rhyming partner Rawse and a beautiful assistant for your viewing pleasure. Check out the drama unfold above and download Wraith of Caine here.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Music Videos / February 10, 2013 / 2371 Views
  • Omar

    El dinero, not la dinero.

  • This is a lie

    bullshit , you spend your time in the studio, not in the traphouse .....

  • jaundis

    anyone notice rick looks slimmer...good for him

  • Marshall Law

    And Pusha looks coked AF ahahaha

  • Jabjal

    I swear Pusha T could be a fitness trainer the way he gets amped off his own music

  • WOO

    He could be a coke addict too
    Oh wait

  • smartass


  • thetruth

    I just realized...Push is 35 years old and still talking about his past life. Coke and Triplebeams..we get it. Would be nice if you would change your subject matter once in a while. Dude seems lost in life. Not hating, been a fan since the Clipse days but I just don't like his recent solo endeavors. He's 35 and still trying to blow up to the masses. I guess everybody has different priorities in life.

  • Fake ASS NIGGA

    Nigga please .... Rixk Ross rappin about drug life ? Fake as fuck

  • Uh

    He's still doing what he loves and making more money than any of us so I don't really think he gives a fuck (at least I assume that...)

  • Astro

    Odds are that if he really did change it up, we would end up with something that sounded like the Blueprint 3 and bash him mercilessly.

  • grange

    this that shit that y'all wanted

  • http://twitter.com/pyt_dgaf Ρψt dgΔf

    Pusha just ruined it for all drug dealers :(

  • http://twitter.com/pyt_dgaf Ρψt dgΔf




  • http://twitter.com/iSkeptic TonyTooCool

    this shit sound like god don't it

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