Kilo Kish – k+ (Mixtape)

Today, Brooklyn-based act Kilo Kish has dropped off her new mixtape, which is absolutely full of notable features. Assistance comes in from the likes of Childish Gambino, The Internet, A$AP Ferg, Earl Sweatshirt, SBTRKT, Flatbush Zombies, Vince Staples and more. So if for no other reason, the features should persuade you to give k+ a listen. You down? Stream below or simply follow the link here to download. Be sure to hits us back with your thoughts on the latest from Kilo Kish.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Alternative / February 7, 2013 / 5952 Views
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  • A nigga on a horse


  • Greg Harris

    Don't mind if I do

  • jackxbards


  • fuckAtlanta

    Ghost is that shittt.

  • hehe

    OnAwardTour's girl eh? Not bad

  • Lillian B. Fleming

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  • Jabjal

    At some point this mixtape just devolves into spoken word in the same tone over a variety of solid beats that could've been reserved for someone else with less famous friends

  • Chris

    reminds me of Uffie

  • Garrett Broadnax

    The eff is Paula



  • dnwilliams

    Yeah, not sure I'm liking this trend, she's like the black Kitty Pryde.

  • jallil

    she was out 2 years before kitty tho.

  • Mark

    isnt that what the definition of rap is? lol seems youre overanalyzing. decent project so far tho.

  • dnwilliams

    Only heard of her last year with Homeschool. I'm not trying to say she's a follower or whatever, I'm just not in love with the style.

  • Charlemagne

    She needs mix up her delivery. Solid mix tape tho

  • N.Grace

    Ahh well she isnt really a rapper though, she is like a rapper-ish/singer. She reminds me of MIA her rhymes are simplistic but its not quite rapping. Its somewhere between singing and rapping.

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