New Kanye West Album on the Horizon?

Well, the rumors have been ongoing. But now it seems that we have the first real indicator that Kanye West's new album is close to completion. An image appeared on Twitter that displays a track list of his new album, which is allegedly titled Rich Black American. The (rumored) track list contains features from Pusha T, Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Florence Welch, and Big Sean as well as a track called "Perfect Bitch" which is likely to be dedicated to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Please note, there is no confirmation at this point so take this image for what it is - for now.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / February 4, 2013 / 10146 Views / Source: Complex
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  • nicesteve

    Who's this Kanye you speak of? And should I be excited?

  • Munee

    *renames a playlist*
    *takes picture*

  • Anssi Karjala

    yes, you should

  • yeezy


  • James Moshis

    2chainz big sean and skrillex.... sigh

  • Kanye East

    "Strangely enough, everything looks legit, but the source of the photo cannot be confirmed at this time." Complex...fucking up journalism since 2002

  • Lord Vences

    The A$AP and Skrillex song was dope so I have high hopes for that Need Somebody track

  • Made In China
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  • goldstein

    skrillex........ fuck

  • Mugen_EtE

    yeah idk why people are hating on it for any reason otehr than 2 chainz anda bit big sean...

  • Haco

    big sean is al right... 2chainz pass if he do something like birthday big booty hoe, but skrillex with yeezy? NO FUCKING WAY

  • disqus

    that song jars me. OMG WILD FOR THE NIGHT LOUD BEEPS. can't stand it

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  • diesdas

    nearly every album i see has the same features, where is the real unexpected shit.....(when its real)

  • Greg Harris

    That popular beat is siick. Uses a sample from Wickef. Youtube it.


    oh shit

  • Señor Inkognitó

    Remember that MBDTF tracklist we got months in advance that was actually pretty accurate??

  • aboynamedandy

    Let's just remember how one student duped everyone into thinking Kanye's next album was called "Black American Psycho.""

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  • no


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  • MHWB

    Skrillex get the body moving.

    Dudes who don't like, have:

    A. Never been do a show and shook it with a lady.
    B. Don't like to shake it with ladies.

  • Haco


    shut the fuck up! Skrillex to have a girl... dance reggaeton madafaka

  • Jason

    So true, I never liked Skrillex, saw his performance at voodoo fest, and I ended up fingering some random girl without speaking a word to her

  • C Kaweenda Perera

    be next rich black baby,,,,like Matthew answered I am surprised that people able
    to earn $4298 in four weeks on the computer. have you seen this page

  • PastelLaFlare

    Good Kid, mA.A.d City

  • TonyTooCool


  • wanyekest

    Been waiting on popular for a long ass time. I pray to god it delivers and he doesn't end up infusing some lame ass dubstep/techno shit into it.

  • Lifted

    dude that popular beat is just screaming for a cudi feature

  • Dan Harris

    one can dream, by the way what up cousin

  • alright

    I'd say it was far more true of Long.Live.A$AP. You're probs all just gonna dickride Kendrick to the gates of hell, but the features on Rocky's album are clearly more diverse, interesting, and effective. I don't even remember who Kendrick had.

  • VitoMaserati

    skrillex fucking sucks ass live i saw him at bonnaroo and left the pit cause that shit was wack as fuck im 26 though and probly woulda got in some trouble finger blastin any them lil hos

  • Charlemagne

    Y'all must not party that often. Guarantee this shit will set it off everytime

  • Kanye East

    Ill continue. Like I hate Complex. What a dumb fucking site. They never cater so homosexuals and I feel left out. Fuck em doe

  • Jason

    I didnt really like it tho. Pussy is ewwy gross and slimy.
    I then moved on and stroked a hard cock while rubbing mine again the boys cheeks. THANK YOU SKRILLEX

  • Charlemagne

    Love droppin that shit at my porn shoots. The little boys go craaazy (when we add some Coke lol)

  • disqus

    i get so hot and bothered when its on UGGHHHH

  • I expect a ‘stan’ reply

    Thats Ye's crew you dumbass. Ye does it better than anyone. fuck you for thinking it'll turn out BAD
    WHO ARE YOU TO CRITICIZE YEEZY IN THE 'REAL UNEXPECTED' DEPARTMENT. have u heard anything he has dropped

  • no


  • Jesus Figueroa

    popular sounds awesome and it would be awesome with kid cudi, king chip and travi$ scott.

  • Jabjal

    Hey! Are you the same nigga whose pretending to be Jason that pretended to be me in that Justin Timberlake post? I see you Mr.Ripley, I see you

  • The Real Charlemagne

    Smh you actually took the time to write a comment about child pornography and then liked a comment about child pornography

  • Wutdafack

    Why do all rappers make music with skrillex now?

  • Elisha Faith

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  • 0641532913

    slt Kanye West ca va !!

  • Ammar H


  • sirjosephhard

    frank ocean x jean pierre melville - lost mv

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